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15 cool job boards to jump-start your search

Looking for the perfect-fit career? Go online to find out what companies are hiring on these 15 unique job boards.

By Charyn Pfeuffer - MSN Living Editor Jun 4, 2013 8:28PM

Wielding your mouse as you look for the perfect-fit career?
Photo: Image Source/Getty Images While you shouldn’t focus all your energy on job boards, they can be a great resource to help you learn what types of jobs are out there, which positions are available and which companies are hiring.

And here’s the best part: whether you want a job in tech, television or typography, there’s likely a specialty job board out there designed to meet your specific desires.

Here are 15 unique job boards to help jump-start your next search:
Escape the City
Who will love it:
Talented 20-somethings looking to ditch the 9-to-5 and “do something different.”
Why it’s cool:
London-based founders Rob and Dom believe there’s more to life than doing work that doesn’t matter to you. More than 50,000 corporate professionals around the globe use this site to make their next career move.

37signals Job Board
Who will love it:
Programmers, designers, business types and iPhone developers.
Why it’s cool:
Since 2006, this no-frills website has connected job candidates with industry leaders like Apple, The New York Times, Facebook and American Express.

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Who will love it:
Creative job-seekers from art directors and copywriters to web designers and developers.
Why it’s cool:
This site works double-duty as a portfolio host and receives more than one million visitors each month. We love the Pluck-t portion of the site, which profiles a daily hand-picked peek at a portfolio.

Who will love it:
Anyone who creates content – whether you’re an author, blogger, writer or editor.
Why it’s cool:
Frequently updated job boards keep job-seekers coming back, but it’s Mediabistro’s bulletin boards, classes (both online and in real life) and in-depth “how to” informational pieces that create community.

Tweet My Jobs
Who will love it:
Anyone who’s tired of filling out long (and exhausting) applications on online job boards.
Why it’s cool:
It’s like Mad Libs for job-seekers. Type in your desired role and industry and how you wish to receive job leads (via email, mobile or Twitter) and matches are sent directly to you. Heavy hitters like Starbucks, UPS and Verizon all use this hiring tool.

Who will love it:
This little black dress of job board sites offers resources for a wide variety of fields – from customer service and clerical positions to health care and human resources.
Why it’s cool:
It includes lots of employee-generated content, which means an insider peek at anonymous salaries, company reviews and a sneak peek of interview questions and protocols.

Talent Zoo
Who will love it:
Advertising, creative, digital, marketing and new media folks.

Why it’s cool: This easy-to-navigate site not only connects qualified individuals with clients, but also offers helpful blogs and columns from industry thought-leaders.

8. Job Postings
Who will love it:
College students looking for practical job-hunting advice, who want to connect directly with employers.
Why it’s cool:
This one-stop career resource offers a wealth of information, including articles, blog posts, a monthly e-advice column and a quick and easy “dream job” search engine. Its magazine is Canada’s largest career lifestyle magazine for university and college students.

Who will love it:
Anyone who seeks a more efficient job-application process.
Why it’s cool:
With a few clicks of a mouse, applicants can narrow down job possibilities by position, salary, title, location and job type.

Who will love it:
Culinary art students, chefs and hospitality industry types looking for positions in culinary field.
Why it’s cool:
Whether you’re a baker, bartender, restaurant manager or sommelier, this site features jobs across the country, as well as resources for those still in school, just starting out or looking for a career change.

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Journalism Jobs
Who will love it:
Anyone involved in publishing and media.
Why it’s cool:
Not only does this site offer extensive job listings, it also features fellowship, internship and online contest opportunities. We love its savvy industry commentary and event listings, too.

Think Beyond the Label
Who will love it:
Workers with disabilities.
Why it’s cool:
Job results are prioritized to first list those companies that are actively recruiting qualified job candidates with disabilities. The site also provides tools to employers so can they hire people with disabilities and seamlessly integrate them into the workforce.

Law Jobs
Who will love it:
People looking for careers in the legal field.
Why it’s cool:
Job-seekers can browse by category or location for everything from contract work to in-house positions. The site offers many resources, including connecting workers with temporary legal staffing agencies and legal recruiters.

Public Relations Society of America Job Center
Who will love it:
Public relations, communications and marketing job-seekers.
Why it’s cool:
The site offers handy education and professional resources from entry to senior level, as well as a tool for those considering a career change to public relations.

Mad Jobs
Who will love it:
Design, marketing and advertising types.
Why it’s cool:
This UK-based creative firm has its finger on the pulse of the new media industry.

Tell us: What job boards are we missing? What’s your favorite job board?

Photo: Image Source/Getty Images

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Jun 18, 2013 11:24PM

I've found call centers don't care what age the applicants are, as long as, they are willing to stay connected to the phone and the computer, have excellent customer service skills and  great attendance.  I've found the pay is usually $10.00 an hour or better.  Inbound call centers are easier for me, (The customer calls you) Good Luck.

Jun 18, 2013 6:24PM
How about jobs for those who have reached retirement age?
Jun 18, 2013 4:26PM
I love INALJ.com for librarians and library related jobs.
Jun 18, 2013 3:21PM
There are more Internet job boards than there are jobs.
Jun 18, 2013 3:01PM
what about jobs for ages 50 and above have not reached retirement age.
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