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  • How your cell phone drains your confidence

    Sending texts or playing on your tablet can make you feel insecure--but you'll never guess why.

  • CM4 Q Card Case

    Cell phone cases that do more

    From card carriers to extra battery packs, these covers promise to bring a little extra utility to your smartphone.

  • Man in bed with cell phone (Neil Guegan\Corbis )

    7 apps to take a summer e-vacation

    It's summer — look up from those screens! If you've got too many gadgets demanding your attention, it might be time to take an e-vacation. Read on for the best apps to take a break from technology.

  • PGS on a phone (Richard Newstead | Getty Images )

    The best GPS for your phone

    Think your last road trip was a disaster? Try driving in Australia.

  • Marc Jacobs iPhone case

    Phone cases for every personality

    You say a lot on your phone, but what does your phone say about you? A case can tell the world a lot about your personality, so dial up the style with the season's boldest runway-inspired tech accessories for your iPhone.

  • Nicole Price Fasig

    Our favorite organizational apps

    It's tough to keep your to-do lists straight sometimes when you're juggling the entire family's schedule. These excellent apps, hand-picked by the experts at the Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI), will help you keep it all together.

  • Moshi Overture

    Smartest cell phone cases

    As if your most indispensable device isn't smart enough, these protective covers for it also perform other functions.

  • A woman text-fighting

    20 things you should never text

    Cell phones are such an integral part of our lives that it’s sometimes hard to know what’s appropriate. Here’s our list of 20 things you should never text.

  • Metrotube

    25 most popular apps

    Software applications have the power to inform, entertain and keep us connected. Here are 25 of today’s most popular apps and where you can find them.

  • woman unhooking bra

    10 texts to make him eager to come home tonight

    Send him one of these flirty messages, and he'll be at the door before you can say, "see you later, honey."

  • Bold & Colorful

    8 fun iPad Mini cases

    From a cozy needlepoint case to a memory-foam padded sleeve, these covers both protect your new device and show off personal style.

  • How Your iPhone Is Making You Broke

    Truth is, you're smarter than your smartphone. Use these money-saving tricks so your dough doesn't end up flying around cyberspace.

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