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  • A Smarter Planter

    7 clever gadgets that will change your life

    These smart tech devices do things you might never have thought possible — or even imagined — until now.

  • For the Unabashedly Upbeat

    8 ways to listen to music in style

    No need to sacrifice good looks for great sound — these speaker systems give you plenty of both.

  • woman reading(Photo: John Lund; Marc Romanelli; Getty Images)

    The gadget that helps you read faster

    You'll read faster with one, says a new study presented recently to the American Academy of Ophthalmology

  • Guys playing video games (Photo: John Howard | Getty Images)

    Why You're Bad at Video Games

    Frenemies might actually be bad for you.

  • Wireless Blender

    The best tech for your home this year

    The idea of the "connected home" is taking off in a big way, and this year we see even more smart appliances on display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). These promising new appliances hope to save you time and money, and help make your life a little bit easier.

  • First-in-Class Fridge

    2013 Good Housekeeping VIP (Very Innovative Products) Awards

    Of all the appliances, gadgets, cleaning formulas, clothes, and other items GHRI pros reviewed in the past year, these breakthroughs — guest-tested by Anderson Cooper — stood out for the ingenious ways they solved everyday problems

  • HelleM\iStock

    How to Extend the Life of Your Devices

    Electronics are big-ticket items, so it makes sense to do everything you can to make them last as long as possible.

  • A woman taking pictures  (Photo: Tetra Images | Getty Images)

    5 Steps to Taking Great Pictures

    Just in time for graduations, weddings, and summer vacations, here are five tips to help you develop the expertise to take the perfect pictures. (And even if you're using a digital camera dinosaur or a camera phone, these pointers will perk up your pics.)

  • OnPlug(Photo: Courtesy of Good Houskeeping)

    Cut Phantom Power Drains

    Don't let vampire power suck your wallet dry.

  • A vacuum  (Photo: dem10 | Getty Images)

    3 Vacuum Cleaner Repairs You Can Do Yourself

    Simple vacuum cleaner repairs you can do yourself along with some key maintenance tips.

  • Dell XPS 13

    Best Lightweight Laptops

    Somewhere between a full-size laptop and a trim little tablet, you'll find this category of powerful, lightweight computers. Just in time for going back to school, we tested eight ultrabooks, including Apple's MacBook Air, to pick the perfect study partners.

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