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  • Lucky

    The best celeb hair transformations of 2014

    Last year’s beauty buzz may have been all about J. Law’s cropped cut, M’Obama’s bangs and Miley Cyrus’ pixie, but we’re not even halfway through 2014 and we’re pretty sure we’ve already topped 2013. From Margot Robbie’s glossy brunette dye-job to Katie Holmes’ irresistible set of bangs, we’re obsessed with all these recent celebrity transformations—all of which are perfect inspiration for a new spring hairstyle. Click through above to see a round-up of our favorites!

  • Kate Middleton

    Kate Middleton goes green for first New Zealand solo appearance

    The green coat is pretty much as Middleton as it gets.

  • Cricket

    Kate Middleton plays cricket in heels in New Zealand

    Monday's New Zealand itinerary brought Kate and William to the cricket field.

  • Alison Gootee\Studio D // Magazine

    7 star eye creams for puffy mornings and late nights

    We put a slew of new formulas to the test, and these are the ones making us look younger and fresher.

  • Getty Images

    15 shades of brown hair that are anything but blah

    From the coolest chestnut to the deepest mahogany, these stars show how to unleash your inner brunette bombshell.

  • Lucky

    Dream prom dresses guaranteed to make you feel like a princess

    In a girl’s life, there are a select few occasions when it’s considered completely appropriate to go all out with a truly spectacular dress. Her wedding day comes to mind, of course, and maybe her Sweet 16. Prom night, however, is certainly at the tip-top of that short list of special events.

  • Lucky

    Celebs who look amazing without makeup

    When I was a teenager, I wouldn’t be caught dead without my lip gloss, blush, eyeshadow and eyeliner at all times. Now, even though I’m older, I’ll admit I still don’t feel 100 percent confident leaving the house without at least some of my “face” on—plus, my obsession with beauty products doesn’t encourage me to go makeup-free very often.

  • Jason Merritt\Getty Images

    Controversial magazine covers

    Good magazine covers grab your attention and make you want to look inside. Controversial covers and photo shoots, like the 14 that follow, often become a part of history.

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