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The key elements to evoke the sophistication and charm of a Hollywood legend.

By the editors of MSN Living Dec 31, 2012 9:21PM
Tony Perkins / Photo: courtesy of DetailsThe editors, Details

Even for the most skilled dressers, assembling a killer outfit sometimes requires a little more inspiration than the average online shopping experience provides. Enter Roxana Altamirano, the genius behind Nerd Boyfriend, the style blog that offers step-by-step instructions for recreating ensembles worn by icons ranging from Ingmar Bergman to Willie Nelson. Starting today, she'll be guest blogging on Details.com—you'll be able to read her here every Tuesday. Have a hero you want to see featured? Just leave a note in the comments, and we'll see what we can do.

A guide to our favorite scented candles for men.

By the editors of MSN Living Dec 28, 2012 6:34PM

The editors, GQ Magazine

Baronessa Cali scented candle // Photo: courtesy of GQThis holiday season, perhaps you bought your wife, or mother, or that lady you knew from high school you had sex with and accidentally started dating, a scented candle. And whether the scent was whisper moon or cinnamon dream or summer's frisky breeze, it surely made her happy. But what about you?


A Dutch exhibit looks back 350 years.

By the editors of MSN Living Dec 27, 2012 10:25PM

Keith Wagstaff, Details

Men in blue jeans // Photo: courtesy of DetailsThe Dutch currently own more pairs of jeans per capita than any other country, a fact that might explain why the Centraal Museum in Utrecht spearheaded Blue Jeans, an enthusiastic and expansive investigation into the past 350 years of denim history. We're talking everything from the Levi's that the 19th century San Francisco miners wore to modern pairs from Martin Margiela and Yves Saint Laurent. Your Dutch-made G-Star jeans might be new, but denim is much older than you might think, dating back to the 17th century with the denim skirt featured prominently in the painting Woman Begging with Two Children by an anonymous artist (pictured below) jokingly dubbed "The Master of the Blue Jeans."


Strapping a little retro-futurism to your wrist lets you stand out in a sea of oh-so-serious analog timepieces.

By the editors of MSN Living Dec 21, 2012 7:47PM

Mark Anthony Green, Details

A gold Timex digital watch // Photo: Nigel CoxSurprise! The digital watch, that geek staple of the '80s, is getting another day in the sun. Even more unexpected, it's not meant for your kicked-back, chinos-and-a-tee weekend look. We're digging the nostalgic tech vibe underneath a crisp suit or a sport coat on those days when you don't want to look so serious.


A colorful character from the sidewalks.

By the editors of MSN Living Dec 21, 2012 12:24AM

Vitaliy Stetsiouk // Photo: courtesy of DetailsThe Editors, Details

Details shines the spotlight on Vitaliy Stetsiouk (pictured).


Scores of studies set the record straight.

By the editors of MSN Living Dec 19, 2012 5:16PM

Mike Dawson, Details

A vintage photo of a man shaving // Photo: Corbis I wish I could say my facial hair is a style choice, some hipster aesthetic. But my beard, which I've worn for 10 years, exists only to provide a semblance of a jawline on my naturally chubby cheeks.


The iconic brand enlists A-list celebs.

By the editors of MSN Living Dec 18, 2012 5:41PM

Matthew Sebra, GQ Magazine

Benicio Tel Toro // Photo: PradaMiuccia Prada, movie buff? It might just be if Prada's latest crop of ad images are any indication. The Italian house continues their appreciation of talented thespians by enlisting four big screen names to front the David Sims shot Spring 2013 campaign.


Luxury grooming gifts for $65 and under.

By the editors of MSN Living Dec 12, 2012 11:04PM

Here is a round up products that pamper with prices that bely their luxurious look and feel. These are gifts he might not splurge on for himself but will be stoked to receive. From a subtly scented, long-lasting men's candle to intoxicating bath salts, there's one for every kind of guy on your list.

Bath salts // Photo courtesy of DetailsFor the Mixologist: Gin Tonic Bath Salts, $14.

Now men have an excuse to bring back bath time to fight the winter chill. These salts smell just like a G&T with a twist of lime. Far more than just an intoxicating scent, juniper berry, fir, and lime essential oils relax and revitalize.

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