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Would You Get a Bird Poop Facial?

By Kim Anne Jul 10, 2012 9:29PM
Many of us will try just about anything to make us look younger, but as trends continue to come and go in the world of beauty, one unusual facial is making waves—and it’s not at all glamorous.

According to the New York Times, a spa in midtown is offering what is called the Geisha facial, a treatment where the main ingredient is bird poop.

Yes, bird poop.  And it’s actually one of many strange ingredients to be used recently in spa treatments (bee pollen, caviar, snake venom are other popular choices). The Times says using this ingredient on the face actually started centuries ago, when Japanese entertainers used a mask containing bird droppings to break down dead skin cells.

But before you get your undies in a bundle about slathering poop on your face, take note that it goes through a sanitization process before its applied to your face. The Times says the Geisha facial takes excrement that is first sanitized under ultraviolet light, then mixed with rice bran, for overall exfoliating, brightening and skin-shining results.

"Though turning to animal ingredients isn’t the newest concept, it categorically popped out of nowhere,” Jeanine Recckio, of Mirror Mirror Imagination Group, which forecasts beauty trends, told the Times. “Consumers are gravitating toward their exotic or shock appeal.”

Shock appeal? Yes. Squirm effect? Yes. Ravishing results? Perhaps. 

Tell us: Would you ever get a bird poop facial?

Photo:  Gregor Ho/Getty Images



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