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The 10 most underrated beauty habits of all

Glamour readers share their take on beauty habits.

By Glamour Magazine Jul 12, 2013 6:46PM
Photo: Beauty habits // Mark Leibowitzby Petra Guglielmetti

I recently shared what I think are the five most underrated beauty habits—and once the post went up, you ladies had a lot of thoughts to add. We've had so much fun reading your comments, and here I've rounded up 10 more of the most underrated beauty habits, according to you, our readers.

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1. Applying plain-old coconut oil as body lotion.

I've long suggested this to you ladies!) "I use coconut oil in the shower after the water is off. Apply generously all over and then just pat dry. You can reapply to very dry areas and even put socks on after applying to heels and feet. I keep it by the shower and use it to shave my legs as well." —abqkid28 [Note: Just be very careful, coconut oil makes your shower super slippery!]

2. Exfoliating regularly and thoroughly.

"Exfoliating is key, otherwise you are  cutting creams and lotion on dead skin and it cant do its job." —StefiNY

3. Exfoliating your lips too.

"When I wash my face, I use an extra-gentle exfoliating Buf-Puf sponge and exfoliate my lips with it at the same time." [OMG, I haven't used a Buf-Puf since junior high! Must get one ASAP!] "The last thing I do when I brush my teeth is run my toothbrush over my lips a few times gently to exfoliate." —manda09

4. Using humble, cheapie petroleum jelly.

"I always put Vaseline on my lips before going to bed, and they are always full and moisturized in the morning!" —huttonl

5. Braiding your hair before bed for easy waves.

"I part my hair, then braid four sections: 1. the top/crown, 2. left side, 3. right side, 4. back. The braids aren't so tight that they kill any potential volume. I anchor all four braids to the top of my head using a small clip or bobby pins so there are no kinks. —BunnyBread Click here and scroll down in the comments for LOTS more detaile!

6. Keeping your feet to the grindstone.

"You have to pumice your feet like daily in the summer. Sandals and crusty feet are never cute. Also, pumice stones are like $1." —mamacheeks

7. Fighting frizz with an old tee.

"Drying your hair with a T-shirt versus a towel helps lessen frizz and define curls." —fancyj

8. Indulging in lavender-laced beauty sleep.

"Bath & Body Works has a great-smelling lavender vanilla aromatherapy lotion called Sleep. It's probably all in my head, but I swear whenever I use it, I fall asleep faster!" —tadajewsk

9. Practically swimming in body lotion daily.

"I didn't discover this until I went to school with white people, because it's assumed this is daily routine in the black community and every black girl in my elementary school carried travel bottles in her bag: applying lotion every day! Every. Single. DAY. From head to toe, right after my shower. I never understood why lotion can go for $15, $20, $50 a JAR until I realized that not everybody goes through a 21oz. bottle of it every month." —daydream11

10. Chilling the heck out.

"I think taking 20 minutes for yourself each day is the most underrated one. I have to make myself do this and when I skip it I eat more and feel not so focused. I'm trying to fit it in, but with a new puppy and a job with longer hours, it's so tough! The best is taking that 20 minutes with my awesome new Frends headphones! Bliss!" —cmm

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Next, how 'bout we talk OVERrated beauty habits? (Dutifully getting tri-monthly hair trims? Using base coat before nail polish?) Tell me below for a future post!

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Photo: Mark Leibowitz
Jul 17, 2013 4:19AM

I use coconut oil at night before bed. It has a chance to soak in and then just shower in the AM as usual.


Concert tour shirts are great for wrapping my hair when it's wet. They're much softer than some store brands.

Jul 17, 2013 1:56AM

How about we learn some editing skills, so that blatant errors don't get posted.


And #9... Whaa... huuuhhh... I have no idea what that tip is trying to convey because it is so convoluted.

Jul 17, 2013 12:04AM
In India we use coconut oil from a very young age. It's the best thing you can do for your hair. Use it before jumping in the pool and it protects your hair against harsh chemicals. Another must have for me is vaseline. I slather it on my feet before putting on my socks and gym shoes and voila! an hour later skin as soft as petals! Its the combination of workout heat and oil getting absorbed into the skin......my feet are always sandal-ready!
Jul 16, 2013 11:57PM
Many of the creams and emolients used on a daily basis are banned in other countries.
Pay attention to ingredients which claim to help, but which are only a carcinogen or worse for your skin
Jul 16, 2013 11:00PM

In my 70 years.... never went to bed with a face that had not been clean.  Make-up removed, massaged gently with a neutral soap (Neutrogena liquid original for the past 35 years), and refreshed with a toning lotion (witch hazel) that does not dry the skin.


No creams, no lotions and ointments all night.  Let the skin breathe.


Everybody asks me about my complexion and I just say it is genetics.

Jul 16, 2013 10:07PM
This is kinda funny black women have been treating themselves to this for years. Using vaseline on lips and other body parts. The coconut oil and braiding hair at night has become pretty popular since the natural hair movement.  But it's great that these things are being embraced by ALL women. Stay beautiful!! :-)
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