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Fashion ad campaign don’t: ‘Dead’ models

Too-skinny models have come under fire in the past, but disturbing ‘deathvertisements’ take advertising to a whole new level of macabre.

By Charyn Pfeuffer - MSN Living Editor Feb 8, 2013 10:50PM

Valentin Casarsa/Getty ImagesNew York Fashion Week kicked off yesterday, with its weeklong procession of couture and catwalks. All eyes are on the more than 300 designers who take their fall collections to the runway. From the front row to behind-the-scenes backstage, style-setters embrace the star-studded anything goes vibe.

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Like at Fashion Week, some designers go to extreme lengths off the runway to sell their luxurious labels. Thumb though any fashion magazine and see for yourself. We get that competition in the fashion world is fierce. Designers need to be creative to stay relevant. But using ‘dead’ models to sell collections? This is a definite no.

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As nod to New York Fashion Week, check out Buzzfeed’s collection of 10 ad campaigns that feature lifeless, seemingly deceased beauties. 

Do you think ad campaigns like this are inventive or distasteful?

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