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YIKES! Meet The Model With A 20-Inch Waist!

By Glamour Magazine Feb 7, 2012 6:42PM

by Tracey Lomrantz, Glamour Magazine

We've talked super-skinny models before, but Ioana Spangenberg definitely takes the conversation to a whole 'nother level. Check out her story--and weigh in with your thoughts--after the jump.

At 20 inches, Ioana Spangenberg's waist is just five inches bigger than a compact disc. She was profiled in The Sun UK recently, where they shared that the 30-year-old Romanian model eats three square meals a day (including indulgences like pizza and kebabs) and simply can't gain weight around her midsection. "I just have a small stomach," she told the paper. "It's a bit like having a natural gastric band — if I eat too much, I feel sick."

She had been self-conscious about her body her entire life, but when she met her now-husband, "Jan was the first person who saw me as beautiful and encouraged me to celebrate my body. He asked me to pose in some photos for him." He put the photos up online, and the response was good enough that it eventually propelled her into professional modeling.

Human beings come in all shapes and sizes and of course, they should all be treated with dignity and respect and as the beautiful creatures they are...but what do you think of Ioana as a model?

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Is it a strange choice of work for someone with such a unique body type? Is glorifying her skinny-ness by making her a model dangerous for our collective body image?

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Would it be different if she had any other type of unusual frame other than extreme thinness, which is, unfortunately, so celebrated in the fashion world? Do you think it encourages women to want smaller waists and thinner bodies, or do you imagine there just aren't many people out there that actually want to look like this?

What do you make of Ioana Spangberger? Discuss on our Facebook page.

Photo: Barcroft Media/Landov


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Feb 8, 2012 11:44PM
I have an extremely fast metabolism too, however she is anorexic at 86 pounds and height of 5'8" - she is lying if she says she eats three meals a day - maybe 3 meals of only lettuce!  Also, there are several pictures of her in a corset - which women like her do to not be able to eat.  She is not NORMAL.  She should NOT be a role model for young women - SHAME ON her husband and any magazine that pays her to look like this!  I agree this is for the Carnival or Strange and Odd Behavior Shows - this is not for a GLAMOUR MAGAZINE.  She needs to be hospitalized before she dies.  Mark my words it will only be a matter of time......
What do I want to meet her for? She look like she 's on drugs crank or crack like Amy Winehouse. This is disgusting she looks like something from a side show at a carnival. I feel sorry for her. Jayne Mansfield had a small waste but she was well proportion one of the hottest women ever to bad she died the way she did. This is really sad.
Feb 8, 2012 8:12AM
that is down right creepy.  who thinks this is sexy?  like a fence post with boobs... I bet her kidneys, uterus and other organs are looking for a new home, she should sit and cross her legs cause I think they are about to exit.......... hope she doesn't twist and ankle, cause chances are she would snap in the middle... good thing she is not wearing pants cause square crotch went out with having your ribs removed to have a small waist.. maybe someone should go in with a chainsaw and do some reconstruction.... seems like she has too big of a pelvis... she should look into having it removed... oh I hope I didn't just make her feel bad and that will induce her bulimia/anorexic tendancies....
Feb 8, 2012 6:06AM
I'm pretty sure it is possible to have a 20 inch waist.  According to the Guinness Book of Records, the smallest waist belongs to Cathie Jung (USA), who has a corseted waist measuring 38.1 cm (15 in) and un-corseted, it measures 53.34 cm (21 in).  

If her waist is 20 inches and she eats a healthy diet that is fine for her. However, I don't think it is a good idea for her to be a model.  Models are looked up to by young women/girls.  Since models are generally thin (too thin) many girls develop eating disorders and other complexes trying to be this "perfect" size. Someone with a waist at 20 inches being a model could cause young women/girls to do harm to their bodies just to try to get the same size waist.  

People need to learn that size does NOT matter.  What matters is that you are healthy, eat right and get some exercise... whatever size you are - you are and others need to respect that.  Models should be normal sized women and not just the super thin!  

Feb 8, 2012 5:09AM

Jayne Mansfield had a 22-inch waist. Look up some old pics of her and you'll see what a 22-inch waist looks like: small, but nothing you'd stare at.


This, I'd stare at. It's hard to tell when you don't know all her measurements, but that doesn't look like 20 inches to me unless her hipbones are exceptionally large. I can understand why she'd be self-conscious about it--if I were a designer I wouldn't choose her to model my stuff because nobody would notice the clothes.


PS, if I remember my Guinness records right, the smallest waist ever was some lady in England, Ethel something or other, with a 13-inch waist. She wasn't particularly thin otherwise.

Feb 8, 2012 5:03AM
Yeah, that's not natural looking. She definitely has a corset on. If she does have a 20 inch waist under that corset, it's not normal/natural for her. She's far too bony. It says she can't gain weight in her stomach, but there is literally no fat on her body (I've seen other images of her). She does need help with her weight.

But that doesn't mean that it isn't possible for someone to actually have a natural 20-ish inch waist (coming from someone with a 21-22 inch waist). Some people do just have smaller frames and can be that size, or near it, even at a healthy weight for their body size/frame. Though people will always argue that it's not possible. With how much larger people in modern times tend to be, it seems unnatural for someone to naturally be that small.
Feb 8, 2012 3:08AM
This is disgusting! She obviously has a real physical problem that even she admits too.. So why are people using her as a model? Because she's controversial, that's why and whatever is controversial brings in the media and gives her much more exposure then she should be getting.. She needs to see a doctor and get some help.. Anyone with decent eyes can see she's Anorexic in the extreme, it's not just her deformed waistline..
Get her off the runway now.. Her kind of figure will just encourage young girls to try and emulate her.. That's something none of us wants to see happen!!

Feb 8, 2012 2:17AM
It's the magic of PHOTOSHOP, folks.  I've been a professional photographer for 30 years, trust me.  That is not her real waist.
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