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Older Models Gaining Popularity

By Kim Anne Sep 21, 2012 4:02PM

Many models are given the impression that their careers are over by the time they turn 30, but that was in the past. Instead, there has been an increase in the desire to use older models in high-end campaigns, and the trend is spreading quickly.

"It was a case of thinking 'well this could be fun,'" 61-year-old professional model Annabel Davis told the Daily Mail of her experiment with modeling post-retirement.  "But I was signed up immediately and the agency told me not under any circumstances to change the colour of my hair. They said there was a real market for models with silver or white hair."

Davis said she has learned that, with age, comes more job opportunities in the modeling world, contrary to popular belief. "He told me that when you're a model in your teens or 20s, there's a huge pool of talent out there. But with every decade, that pool becomes smaller and smaller and older models are like gold dust," she says. "There’s definitely a market out there for us wrinkly models, and although I don't rely on it for a living, I have earned a reasonable amount in the past year."

And Davis isn't the only one being hired. Fashion house Lanvin recently hired 82-year-old grandmother Jacquie Tajah Murdock as the face its autumn campaign. Dolce and Gabbana also jumped on board the trend by hiring 82-year-old Daphne Selfe for its advertising campaign. And over at Bulgari, 60-year-old Isabella Rossellini was hired. 

All in all, we're glad to see designers mixing things up. After all, beauty is supposed to be ageless, isn't it?

Tell us: What do you think of designer's choices to use older models?

Photo:  OJO Images/Getty Images

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