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Broke bride sells ad space on wedding dress

Cash-strapped couple looking for advertising sponsors to help fund their wedding.

By Kim Anne Mar 7, 2013 8:39PM

Photo: SWNS.comWedding aren’t cheap, but one bride isn’t letting a lack of cash stop her from walking down the aisle. Instead, Stacy Burnett and her fiancé are looking for sponsors.

The bride has agreed to offer up her wedding dress for advertising space, meaning if sold, her wedding dress would be covered in logos from the featured advertiser. 

“I started planning eagerly last year but due to the economic climate it's all had to be put on hold for the foreseeable future,” Burnett, who postponed her wedding because of financial implications, tells the Daily Mail. “My fiance works full time and we have even moved in with my parents so that we can save. We want a church wedding because it's a bit more traditional, but with church fees, venue fees, catering, rings, suits, DJ even for the most basic of weddings, it just wasn't possible for us to do it this year.”

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The couple is trying to save money by cutting every unnecessary expense, but they are still finding it difficult to pull over the wedding of their dreams. “We don't want a big fancy wedding but even the most basic of packages is too expensive.

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We would even be willing to have any advertising for any companies that would be kind enough to help us out. We'd be willing to talk about signs on my dress and the back of suits, all we'd ask is that they could be removed for photographs.”

Tell us: Would you rent out advertising space on your wedding dress?

Photo: SWNS.com

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Mar 14, 2013 1:24PM
Is she working.  I worked when i got married.  Living with parents to save.  What about a wedding you pay for when you both work and don't mooch off mommy and daddy.   
Mar 12, 2013 5:03PM
All that for a dress for one day? Marriage has become a joke.

Get a sharpie and a piece of card board....WILL WORK FOR WEDDING.

Mar 7, 2013 10:48PM

Wow! Now I have heard it all! Traditional  does not have to be expensive. My husband and I got married about ten years ago and did everything for less than $400 and it was perfect. It wasn't fancy, but it was great. We got married at my parents church. The grooms men wore khakis with matching polo shirts in blue ( our wedding color). The girls wore white peasant skirts (on clearance from JCPenney) with cute babydoll tees that matched the guys polo shirts. This way the people standing for us weren't spending a fortune on something they would only wear once. It was cheap and they could wear it again. My husband wore his army class a uniform and I wore a skirt the same as the girls standing, only instead of a blue top mine was white.

My girls all carried three gerber daisies and I had a flower ring on the top of my head. The flowers were one of the most expensive things for us at about $50 total, but I wanted real flowers and they had to be gerber daisies.

We decorated the church ourselves, nothing fancy, just blue and white crepe paper, some fake flowers on the pughs, and glitter. Instead of live music we had our song played in the church after we said our vows.

For our reception we had it at the American Legion where my husband is a member. We did a potluck and asked everybody to bring  dish. We had so much food and it was all stuff that we liked! Bonus! We decorated the legion ourselves the night before, same idea as at the church, but we had heartshaped floating candles in bowls of water at each table. We had a friend that dj'ed so he agreed to do that for us for our wedding present. We did two kegs, which was the most expensive part for us, at $150 a piece. We also had a cash bar so people could purchase their own drinks if they wanted to. We even had a cake. It wasn't fancy, but we had gotten two full sheet cakes, one in chocolate and one in vanilla from Walmart. We had a pic of us together scanned on top of each one, with blue flowers and words frosted on them.

The whole thing turned out exactly how we wanted. Of course we had both wanted it to be glamourous and glitzy, but it wasn't in the budget for us. But even though we had to do it on a different budget we didn't have to sacrifice anything. We just went through and decided what we really wanted. And we had 150 guests. It's been ten years and we are still waiting to go on a honeymoon, but we have no regrets about our special day. Sometimes things turn out better than you expect them to! Good luck!

Mar 7, 2013 10:45PM

Who would buy advertising on her dress?  How many people are attending the wedding?  10 or 20 people?  Space should be cheap.

Mar 7, 2013 10:45PM
give me a break-go to Vegas and elope!
Mar 7, 2013 10:44PM
If a company paid to advertise on the wedding attire, why would they allow the ads to be removed for the photographs?  That would seem to defeat the purpose!  I would think they'd want their ads to appear in every wedding magazine in the world!  What are they thinking?????????????????
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