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The most "OMG, WHAT!?" looks from London Men's Fashion Week

See what Fall 2013 looks like.

By Glamour Magazine Jan 10, 2013 10:11PM
Photo: Courtesy of Glamour
by Tracey Lomrantz Lester

Yup, it's a romper. A wool one. Oh, and it's strapless! This is what fall 2013 looks like through the eyes of J.W. Anderson.
James Long's knits were tame by comparison, but still--is this Phyllis Diller reincarnated? With leather sleeves!? Well isn't this just the perfect thing for him to wear while rooting for RG-III next season! Shaun Samson's burgundy "jersey" shows Redskins pride, while the furry earmuffs will keep him warm during tailgaiting. Call me crazy, but if it's chilly enough for a snood, a hat, and gigantor mittens, you might want to cover your neck, no? The designers behind Sibling didn't think so.


"There's something on my face? Where? I can't see a thing with this gargantuan driftwood mask covering my eyes!" This is the future of menswear, if newcomer Craig Green has his way.

Move over, David Gandy! It takes a more, um, mature man to pull off Agi & Sam's country-inspired basics.
Jan 18, 2013 1:37AM


Bet the ones giving thumbs down are gay, anyone care to take that bet?

Jan 18, 2013 1:31AM
if a designer came to me with that crap i would tell him to wear it i would rather take an **** woopn than to wear that garbage come on UK get real
Jan 18, 2013 1:28AM
Uuuuuuuum, yeah, I'm going to need you to start dressing like a dude, yeahhhhh, um, no.....um,....yeah.
Jan 18, 2013 1:26AM

No wonder these models aren't smiling...Of course everything on any runway show just gets burned after the show anyway because no one in their right mind would wear that crap out in public.

Good lord what was this "designer" thinking!?

Jan 18, 2013 1:21AM
I wouldn't wear those as a woman!!!
Jan 18, 2013 1:20AM
I guess the crazier bar queens need something different to wear. Unfortunately, these atrocities really show very little imagination and seem to be born tired. A club kid from the nineties could design more interesting things. Of course wearability doesn't seem to be a concern for these trifling silly designers (if you stupidly want to call them that). How about clothes that actually fit and make male human beings look more attractive instead of appearing silly and weird. When an attractive man looks like pathetic drag or a pile of wood some rethinking might be required.
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