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Photos of Miss Korea contestants go viral

Are all these contestants trying to look the same?

By Kim Anne Apr 26, 2013 7:33PM
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Photos of Miss Korea contestants are creating a stir on the Internet — what looks like different photos of one contestant are actually all different women who just look shockingly similar, bringing talk of the plastic surgery obsession that is taking over there.

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According to Jezebel, South Korea has the highest per capita rate of plastic surgery in the world, with 1 in 5 women in Seoul having undergone at least one procedure. “In January, when the Korean Plastic Surgery Tumblr went viral, studying the 'after' images led to the conclusion that the 'best' face, the optimal look, is one with wide eyes, a pointed chin and a narrow nose,” writes Jezebel.

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And the Miss Korea images shows it. The contestants all look shockingly similar to one another, making it obvious that plastic surgery is on the rise — as is the desire to look a certain way.

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May 2, 2013 6:30PM
Look at the Miss USA and America pageants.  Other than hair color all of those contestants pretty much look alike.
May 2, 2013 2:35PM
I can't really tell by the faces, so i looked at the boobs!  Yes there not all the same.
Apr 30, 2013 10:01PM
Thats funny coming from a feminazi site like JEZEBEL,which ironically has had a few blogs over there taking potshots at asian gals before on their looks.The korean models in that pic are gorgeous/feminine and thin.ALL hallmarks of attractiveness.Jealous much?Where is your proof that all of these girls in the pics had plastic surgery??  This is exactly one of those blogs implying "asians all look the same".The nail that sticks out gets hammered and in this case that nail is a beaut and you can bet their all getting "hammered" and ill stop there...
Apr 30, 2013 9:32PM
It's been proven in studies that people have a harder time distinguishing differences in faces outside of their own ethnicity.  It's not racist.  It just has to do with familiarity.  Having said that, those photos are still disturbingly similar.
Apr 26, 2013 9:29PM
I think ericpaul has his Korea's mixed up
Apr 26, 2013 9:24PM
This sounds too much like white people saying 'all Asians look alike'.  I CAN tell that these are different women, it's not that hard. Look at their entire face, not just the 3 picked on features.
Apr 26, 2013 9:09PM
DUH! Venezuela does it all the time!
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