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Finally, Redheads Are Having Their Moment

By Kim Anne Jul 18, 2012 5:37PM

With famous beauties like Christina Hendricks proving that ginger-hued hair is sexy as ever, redheads are definitely having a moment.

And among the overabundance of hair products designed for blondes and brunettes, there is now finally a brand that is specific to the reds out there.

A UK-based redhead mother-and-daughter-duo had just about enough of having no choices for their honey-hued hair, so they decided to take matters in to their own hands to develop a product line especially for redheads. “One day after complaining that another product had been discontinued, we said we can't be the only ones frustrated, & decided to do something about it,” said Jen and Jessica Shailes of their line, called Everything for Reds. “We’re great guinea pigs, because if we don’t love it, it doesn’t go into the range.”

The line, which currently includes make-up and hair products, also plans to expand into gifts, novelty items, and products for men.

Tell us: Are you glad there is finally a line for redheads?

Photo Courtesy of Everything for Redheads



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