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Gap Tee Pulled From Stores

By Kim Anne Oct 17, 2012 10:51PM

Gap has pulled one of its T-shirts from store shelves after a wave of controversy began over the words on the tee.

The tee, a collaboration with GQ Magazine, has been receiving negative attention since its debut when customers began commenting about it via Twitter, Facebook and email, says Blackbookmag.com.

What’s so controversial about the shirt?  It says the words “manifest destiny” on it, a  phrase commonly associated with the genocide of indigenous American people as a result of U.S. westward expansion during the 19th century.

After all the customer comments, Gap finally released a statement of its own, saying “Thank you for your feedback regarding the ‘Manifest Destiny” t-shirt. Based on customer feedback, we will no longer offer the t-shirt in our stores or online. 

Tell us on Facebook: Do you think the tee is inappropriate, or is the uproar unjustified?

Photo: Courtesy Gap

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Oct 18, 2012 1:29AM
This is another case of F___ing morons dictating what people should do and buy. All the ****s who think everything we do and say should be politically correct should get on a boat and leave this country where we are supposed to be free.
Just sounds like a load of s**t to me. Once again political correctness takes over. I'm sick of it. This all came about in the 1800's and didn't involve genocide. Good grief!!! They're a little late to be sniveling about it now. Sheesh!!!
Oct 18, 2012 1:28AM

Never mind the shirt: what is perversely fascinating is the depth of  ignorance in the  bizarre  comments on the article. Why is anyone blaming (or even mentioning) - utterly inapplicable- "Marxism?" None of you invoking Marx appear to have any clue what Marx wrote. And constitutionally  protected  free speech? Equally inapplicable to the situtation in the piece. And if you mistakenly  believe that this 'controversy'  has something to do with the Constitution, you'd better go check out  the First Amendment.   And as for Manifest Destiny, it was a religious rationale for the  expansion west in a manner offensive to any modern sensibilities, and if you do not know that, you don't know what that phrase signified either, and you should be reading- history, a dictionary, economics, anything -  rather than writing here.

I think the uproar is stupid... It's just a shirt people! CALM DOWN!
Oct 18, 2012 1:27AM
I agree it's over the top, but that doesn't change the fact that Manifest Destiny did indeed involve slaughtering the Native Americans and Mexicans. And no, I don't belong to either heritage.
To put it in perspective, there are other nations out there that believe they could do a lot more with our great country than we have.  You might feel differently, and certainly your children would, if they stormed us tomorrow and spent the next hundred years killing those of us who refused to give up our land and live according to their beliefs and laws.  Yes, it's seems silly.  I'm just saying hey, it's a Tshirt. And GAP inc makes billions of dollars, they can afford to be sensitive to the ancestors of those we "conquered" to be able to have the lives we live today.  

Oct 18, 2012 1:26AM
what a waste of bandwidth.  I'm disappointed in myself for reading this article.
Oct 18, 2012 1:26AM
I associate Manifest Destiny with the Louisiana Purchase. 
Oct 18, 2012 1:25AM
Heck, the demographic that the Gap sells to is a product of our awful public education systems and don't have a clue what it means. It just looks cool on a tshirt. There are much worse tshirt slogans that the retailers sell everyday.
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