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Does this dress turn you on?

Dress turns from opaque to clear when a woman gets excited.

By Kim Anne Feb 7, 2013 7:24PM

Photo: Images via StudioRoosegaarde
Talk about wearing your emotions on your sleeve. A dress designer is making it quite easy for men to tell when a woman is into them or not, all with a dress.

According to Mashable, Netherlands-based fashion designer Daan Roosegaarde created a high-tech dress, appropriately named “Intimacy,” that turns completely clear when you get excited.

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The dress is made from opaque smart e-foils (made of wireless technology, LED lights, cooper and other materials) that turn clear when they sense the heart racing.

But why on earth would you create a dress that turns clear? The point, says the designer, is to “explore the relationship between technology and the body’s interactions.”

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And what about the man and his feelings? Never fear, the same company is also working on an outfit that changes color when a man lies—yowza.

Tell us: What do you think of this concept in fashion?

Photo: Images via StudioRoosegaarde 

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