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Would you wear scented shoes?

All I want for Christmas is a pair of strawberry-scented vegan holiday shoes.

By Kim Anne Dec 17, 2012 6:23PM
Photo courtesy Kandals

By this time, you’ve probably compiled a holiday wish list filled with must-have items that dreams are made of (or, in our case, boring but necessary essentials like socks and underwear, sigh). But regardless of what’s on your Christmas list this year, we’ve got something groundbreaking that you may want to make room for (or not)-scented holiday shoes.

Called Kandals, these kicks are not your average pair of flats. Instead, each pair comes equipped with a strawberry scent and constructed of eco-friendly canvas and vulcanized rubber. 

Photo courtesy KandalsThis particular pair of limited edition eco-classics is even themed for the holidays, with a festive Santa red color. “Yes, we seek to redefine your shoe experience,” says the Kandals site. “Our mission is that every time you wake up in the morning to put on your KANDALS, you get a fresh newness to your shoes. The scent is not perfumed on the fabric but on the rubber sole, making it subtle, long-lasting, and allowing you to put on your daily perfume.”

We haven’t smelled them ourselves quite yet, but we envision a scent similar to the Strawberry Shortcake doll of our childhood.  

Tell us: Would you wear scented shoes?

Bing: Kandals shoes

Photo: Courtesy Kandals

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