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Women Are Shaping Their Eyebrows to Look More Masculine

By Kim Anne Sep 21, 2012 7:48PM

For quite some time, women were plucking, tweezing and waxing their brows into perfectly-arched shapes. But according to a recent study conducted by the University of Southern California, the trend in brows is a lot less feminine these days—and it’s giving off a more masculine look. 

The study, which was published in a journal called Clinical Plastic Surgery, was done to help surgeons carry out forehead lifts. When they began doing research (they used callipers and rulers to measure all the nitty gritty details of shape, size and position of brows from the eye) they discovered that ladies’ eyebrows are actually being shaped closer to the eyes than in decade past. 

"According to fashion magazines, the ideal youthful female eyebrow is gradually becoming lower and flatter than it used to be, making it less different [from] the male eyebrow," said the study, according to News.com.au.

"This is, in part, a response to increasing parity between men and women in the workplace."

Demi Moore was used as an example, with brows that sit lower and flatter than the super arched brows of the '60s.

Tell us: Do you prefer the look of today’s trending brows or the higher brows of decades past?


Photo: Peter Kramer/AP

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