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Fashion trucks are the new food trucks

Henry Holland launches a store on wheels!

By Glamour Magazine Aug 5, 2013 6:01PM

Photo: Courtesy of GlamourWarby Parker does it, Soludos does it in a cute retro-beachy way, Aether has a killer Airstream version. All over the country, fashion brands retailers are eschewing traditional brick-and-mortar shops and taking their wares mobile — as in, on trucks and other vehicles, bringing their awesome stuff direct to consumers.

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The latest designer to jump on the four-wheeled bandwagon is London's T-shirt king Henry Holland. The House of Holland ice cream truck — which is called Mr. Quiffy — is painted in a smattering of Holland's signature bold, graphic prints and is in business all summer long — driving around the U.K. hawking the brand's late-summer collection.

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"I wanted to have my own store; I wanted to do something that was fun and inventive and something that's a little bit fresh for a high summer collection," Holland told Reuters. "Setting up an ice cream van is such a less, lesser cost than setting up a store in bricks and mortar, you know, and I'm able to have this physical presence on the high street from this really, you know, eye-catching way with much less a budget."

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Throughout the month of August, check out the House of Holland Twitter feed to find out where #MrQuiffy will be parked every day. That's where you'll find Holland's brand-new collection, as well as some exclusive pieces (including accessories and eyewear) that can only be bought from the mobile store.

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Photo: Courtesy of Glamour

Aug 8, 2013 4:33AM
that's nothing new for years people have been selling clothes from vans, cars and trucks for the longest. that news is 30 years behind.
Aug 7, 2013 4:40PM

Years back in Baltimore the "fences" used to sell clothing stolen from the docks by going from bar to bar in small trucks selling clothing. A lot ot these guys actually worked on the piers and did this as a sideline. There wasn't much that couldn't be bought in front of the North Point Road taverns. Most of these places are gone now that the steel mill has closed.


Aug 7, 2013 3:14PM
My grandfather was doing this a LONG TIME AGO!!!  He was well known around the neighborhood and around certain parts of our city, but had problems with thieves who wanted to rob him (a then 70 yr old man).  He sold BRAND NAME clothes at a discount and on a "pay as u go" plan for the poor & needy. Unfortunately, at the end of it all these people left balances that we tried to collect on but led us on run arounds.  He had a big heart & didn't have any regrets or ill will towards them.  May he rest in peace & I'm positive his giving back to the community was a great honor.
Aug 7, 2013 2:45PM
Truck selling items is nothing new.  When I was a youngster, milk, eggs, and butter were delivered by truck, there were trucks that sold produce, trucks that bought rags by the burlap bag and metals, also ice cream trucks.  At the rate things are going in the USA, there old days may become the new days.   There were no malls, large grocery stores were very infrequent, no credit cards (pay cash for everything), no cell phone we had party lines (4-5 households to one phone line).  No computers, no video games, black & white TV with maybe 5 stations.  Listened to a lot of radio shows.  Was a time when few if any locked their doors, very little crime & violence.  Yes for the most part people were religious and had morals, an believed in small government, and for the most part government stayed out of our daily lives. Everyone knew everyone in the neighborhood, kids played outside with no problems.  Civilization has advanced, but not for the better.  People were poor back then but managed and for the most got along.  The old days were slower, we worked hard, saved (if we could), and did our best with what we had. Got an education, whatever it was, and were glad we got one or any. Yes, there were some losers on the public dole, but very few. That is why our generation is the last great generation.
Aug 7, 2013 8:55AM
I'm looking for cigar and cigarette trucks.
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