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The biggest internet beauty trends of 2012

(How many have you tried?)

By Glamour Magazine Dec 11, 2012 5:35PM

Photos: Courtesy of PinterestThere's a difference between regular beauty trends and internet beauty trends--the latter are often better suited to pretty Pinterest photos than offline life. I'm curious: How many of the following 6 huge internet beauty trends did you actually try this year?

1. The very-big, very-high bun - It's basically a sock bun way up on the top of the head.

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

Source: weeknightwandering.com via Petra on Pinterest

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

Source: matchbookmag.com via Petra on Pinterest

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

Source: forever-blossoming.tumblr.com via Petra on Pinterest

2. Intergalactic nail art - You ladies loved this trend when I posted about it in October--so tell me, have you actually tried it yet?

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Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

Source: glamour.com via Petra on Pinterest

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

Source: pshiiit.com via Petra on Pinterest

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

Source: mitsuami-no-musubime.tumblr.com via Petra on Pinterest

3. Color-dipped hair - A subset of the larger crayon-box hair trend (we've literally seen hair in every color of the rainbow in 2012).

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

Source: pastel-locks.tumblr.com via Petra on Pinterest

Source: sex-hair.tumblr.com via Petra on Pinterest

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

Source: iamyourmannequin.tumblr.com via Petra on Pinterest

4. Retro cat-eye makeup - This one I know many of our readers are wearing, but personally I'm still just looking and not doing.

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Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

Source: onelittlewhitecloud.com via Petra on Pinterest

Source: agenda-suicide.tumblr.com via Petra on Pinterest

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

Source: maybelline.tumblr.com via Petra on Pinterest

5. Glitter gradient nails - This is another actually-wearable one; it's nail art that anyone can pull off.

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

Source: glamour.com via Petra on Pinterest

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

Source: cnd.com via Petra on Pinterest

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

Source: google.com.au via Petra on Pinterest

6. Glitter-encrusted everything - And now for a NOT-so-wearable beauty trend ... except for the nail version, of course.

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

Source: glitterandnails.blogspot.com via Petra on Pinterest

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

Source: Uploaded by user via Petra on Pinterest

7. New lip tricks, such as metallic accents and ombre fading - Just be sure not to kiss anyone. Or eat anything. (No fun.)

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

Source: community.livejournal.com via Petra on Pinterest

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

Source: habitualbliss.tumblr.com via Petra on Pinterest

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

Source: maccosmetics.tumblr.com via Petra on Pinterest

Oh, and obviously there were a TON of braid photos everywhere--milkmaid crowns, braidhawks, braidy buns, fishtails, pigtails, even heart-shaped braids--but I think we've already ODed on those by now, so I won't show you more.

So how many of these big internet beauty trends did you actually try this year (vs. just ogle and repin)? Any you plan to knock off your 2012 beauty bucket list by December 31st? Which of these trends do you love to look at but KNOW you'll never wear?


Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest

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