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  • Drew Barrymore
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    “Sleep wrinkles”: Fact or fiction?

    As if there weren't already enough things causing wrinkles while you're awake—smiling, frowning, sipping from a straw, probably breathing—it turns out even sleeping can be line-inducing.

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    Sun protection that won’t wear away, wash off, or make you break out

    Sunscreen is pretty great stuff. I’m glad we have it, and I use it daily. But none of us applies enough (or reapplies enough).

  • Coconut oil for a homemade hair mask

    23 unbelievable beauty hacks using only household items

    You don't always need a fancy product to fix your hair or nails. Some of the best solutions are already in your home.

  • Axelle (Photo: Courtesy of Twitter)

    World Cup fan catches L'Oreal's eye — briefly

    Belgium's Axelle Despiegelaere gets famous, then infamous in a hurry.

  • Lucky

    New drugstore nail polishes you haven’t tried yet—all under $10!

    e love how a new nail polish has the ability to instantly change your look and your mood with a simple swipe. While happy lime greens and aquas are ruling the five million #nailpolish Instagrams this summer, there are a variety of great colors to choose from—whether you want an office-appropriate neutral or a fun going-out shade that’ll give your LBD a punch of color.

  • Lucky

    9 ways to fight frizz this summer

    Humidity isn’t the only reason your hair hasn’t been behaving lately. Dryness and damage can cause frizz too, so the tackling the issue from every angle is the most effective defense.

  • Lucky

    Polished hot-day hairstyles

    As much as I love summer for its flip-flop-friendly weather, days of sweltering heat and humidity wreak havoc on my hairstyle. Without fail, I consider making a major chop when my long hair makes summer days unbearable. Sweaty bangs are not exactly sexy. This time of year, I scour the Internet for sweat-proof hairstyles—anything that gets my hair out of my face and off my neck. The 15 celebrities above provide some serious summer hair inspiration for even the hottest of days, from updated ponytails to creative braids. Click through the slideshow above for your guide to out-of-your-face styles!

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    17 who-knew brilliant ways to use dry shampoo

    Of course you can use it to delay washing your hair, but dry shampoo is an ace for boosting an updo, covering roots, refreshing your skin in the summer, and more.

  • Readhead (Photo: Getty Images)

    Global warming could mean fewer natural redheads

    If this doesn't motivate you to stop global warming, nothing will.

  • Shakespeare (Photo: AP)

    Shakespeare is why you hate zits

    His plays are really into bad skin according to researchers.

  • 1

    7 stylish women on their pregnancy beauty routines

    “I’ve never felt more powerful than when I was pregnant,” says New York City fitness entrepreneur Mary Helen Bowers, reflecting on the period recently spent carrying her now six-month-old daughter, Lumina Belle. It’s a sentiment that’s echoed by expectant mothers everywhere, many of whom can testify that the beauty products, vitamins, and workouts they embrace during those all-important nine months are a way to take care of not only their own bodies, but their babies’ as well. We asked a few of the chicest women we know, from actress Jessica Alba to stylist Anya Ziourova, about the treatments and products that made them feel beautiful, healthy, and happy throughout their pregnancies (and beyond).

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