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  • Great products for curly hair

    Cesar Ramirez’s favorite products for curly hair

    Give your curls a boost with these top picks.

  • Gorgeous lip balms for the season

    The season’s most gorgeous tinted lip balms

    Pucker up with these fab colors.

  • Lucky

    Shopping at Ulta just got even cooler

    We love that you can walk into an Ulta store and buy both an $8 Revlon lipstick and Marc Jacobs’ latest fragrance. What you might not expect to pick up from the beauty chain, however, are cool indie and under-the-radar international brands. But that’s all about to change.

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    Look now: Pinned hairstyles

    The humble bobby pin (you know, those things floating around the bottom of your purse?) was once purely utilitarian, used to give styles structure and hold them in place—and maybe to pick the occasional lock, at least in the movies. Not anymore: On this season’s runways and red carpets, bobby pins came out of hiding, decorating buns, waves, bobs, braids, and more. Here, seven new ways to wear the hottest hair accessory of the moment.

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    11 lipstick hacks that’ll change your relationship with the tube

    As far as beauty products go, lipstick is about as classic as you can get. To summarize: my grandmother would have no idea what dry shampoo or eye shadow primer is, but she would know all about a tube of lipstick. Because it’s a product that isn’t going anywhere, I did some research and connected with Poppy King, the woman behind Lipstick Queen, to find 11 hacks that’ll ensure that the relationship between you and your preferred shade is as fresh as ever.

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    8 end-of-summer hairstyles to try right now

    Ninety degrees. 90 percent humidity. 90 percent chance your sleek blowout won’t be so sleek by noon. Here, the top eight summer hairstyles when your flatiron doesn’t have a prayer.

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  • Bangs

    How to deal with bangs in the summer

    Congratulations, you are a stronger woman than I am. Seriously, having bangs when the humidity is at 90 percent is like helping friends move when the humidity is at 90 percent: If you like them now, you’ll like them forever. Some people might say that the only bangs that look good in the summer are the ones that aren’t, but the truth is that bangs can be very cool in the hot months. Here’s how to keep them looking good.

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    The month in beauty ideas

    Peach gloss and a swingy ponytail look great. They really do. But with only a month left until September, it’s time to have more fun with your summer beauty game. We’ve come up with a gorgeous beauty idea for every last day in August. Test some now, pin others for later, and look amazing all month long.

  • Randy Holmes\Getty Images // Magazine

    The 16 best haircuts of all time

    That elusive, perfect-every-day haircut can be yours. Don't be skeptical, now; these sweet, shorter styles are as easy to pull off as they are flattering. So chop chop!

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  • Makeup

    Wake up makeup: The 6 essentials you need to get up and go

    When the clock’s ticking, digging though every compact in your bathroom is an exercise in frustration. What you need is one simple bag with a selection of products that help you pull yourself together as quickly as possible, at home or on the road. In it:

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