George Chinsee

Backstage at Tracy Reese, the hair stylists and makeup artists were given more free rein than usual to create individual looks for each model. Working with the theme of emotions (seven, to be precise), the makeup team used dark lips to convey sex appeal, metallic blue-gray shadow to show aggression, and glitter to represent happiness, while the hair stylists embraced texture—lots and lots of texture.
There were loose waves and tight, crimped spirals and surprisingly, not a lot of curling irons being used to create them. Instead, stylists used a bobby pin and a straightening iron.

Here’s how:
1. Take a large bobby pin and stretch it open, then place a small section of hair in between. (You want the bobby pin a few inches below the roots.)

2. Wrap hair around each side of the pin in a figure-eight pattern. The tighter you twist, the tighter the kink will be.

3. Once the pin is covered, clamp a straightening iron over the whole thing for a few seconds, then pull the pin out.


Courtesy of Allure

4. Run your fingers through the curl to create flyaways, or tease it and spray with surf spray for big, messy volume (like in the photo above).