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    8 biggest mistakes you're making with your eyebrows

    They're a defining facial feature. Make sure they look their best.

  • Yves Saint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator

    Pots of gold: Testing expensive creams

    One lucky reporter took nine of the planet’s most expensive creams for a test-drive. Here’s what she found under the highly polished hoods.

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    Countdown to summer: How to apply self-tanner like a pro

    This week marks the official first day of spring, which means it’s almost finally time to dust off those skirts, shorts and cute little summery dresses. And while I feel more than ready to burn my collection of tights that I’ve been glumly wearing all winter, I’ve realized that during my legs’ hibernation this season, they’ve reached a whole new level of crazy-pale. If you’re in the same boat, don’t worry—I turned to the experts to get their tips for giving your skin a sun-kissed glow—just in time to show it off during the warmer weather ahead. Click through above for all the tricks and tips for applying self-tanner in the most natural-looking way possible.

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    25 under $25: The best beauty bargains for spring

    Keep these fantastic finds in your makeup kit so you'll have everything you need to lighten up your look for spring.

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    Bangs for your buck: How to find your perfect fringe

    “Bangs don’t work on everyone,” hairstylist Eugene Toye warned me. I didn’t need him to explain this fact much further, especially after reminiscing recently over the horrible, chopped-up bangs I had as a four-year-old. You’ve all heard the story before: just one traumatic childhood haircut experience is enough to make a girl vow to never get the same hairstyle again. Even back then, I knew bangs weren’t for me.

  • The science behind good skin

    The spring skin regimen everyone needs right now

    What better way to drive away the winter blues than to polish off that old, dull complexion to reveal the new, fresh one hidden underneath? Here’s how to do it.

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    Dress up your hair!

    It doesn’t take a pro (or a salon) to upgrade your favorite style. Just add a bold accessory and, bam, you’re gorgeous.

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    Cooler hair in sixty seconds

    Bumble and Bumble's new CitySwept Finish Spray will give you cooler hair in sixty seconds.

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