"In defense of short hair" \\ Halle Berry \\ Photo: Dr. Billy Ingram\WireImage

So this one’s for you, my short-haired lovelies. Here are a few really excellent reasons anyone might want to go for a cropped cut:

1) It puts you in the same category as Halle Berry. Not a bad thing.

2) It takes less time to dry. My head is still wet hours later (such a problem in the winter!)—never a worry for a short-haired gal.

3) It makes you stand out. It’s more rare to see a girl rocking a really cropped haircut (hey, only 5 percent of our readers have super-short hair). So when you do spot a lovely short-haired lady, she stands out and you want to know more about her. Like how much time she saved this morning getting ready by having short hair.

4) There’s something mysterious about short hair. Why, I don’t know, but there just is something alluring and intriguing about it. And somewhat French.

5) If you’ve got a long neck, it shows it off. This is sexy. It just is. Don’t argue. See: Ashlee Simpson.