man in his underwear (Photo: sodapix sodapix; Getty Images)

According to a new survey by U.K. underwear retailer Deadgoodundies, colorful briefs signal a better economy.

That's right: Dudes tend to buy for practicality, not fashion, when times are tough, according to fashion blog The Underwear Expert. That means your classic Hanes boxers are the go-to, not bright boxers or the sexy briefs your girlfriend loves. But the reverse happens when the economy starts picking up--colors become more popular. So welcome back, economy! Can we have some money now? (For more essential guy grooming and style tips delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for the Men's Health Style Siren newsletter.)

While we wait for a response from the guys on Wall Street, here's what you can do in the meantime: switch up your skivvies. You shouldn't wear the same boxers in the bedroom that you sport at the gym, so here are our picks for practicality and style underneath your clothes.

For the Gym
Reducing moisture during a workout is essential to avoid chaffing. Your move? Opt for something with a poly/spandex/nylon blend like Puma's Pro Tech Boxer Briefs. They're lightweight and have breathable mesh panels that pull sweat away from your body for increased dryness. ($18.75,
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For the Office
Avoid anything baggy like a classic pair of boxers--they tend to bunch up underneath a suit, especially if you're wearing slimmer-fitting pants. (It's not a good look.) The fix: Try a pair from Naked, a new brand that recently launched in the U.S. "Naked is perfect under any suit because of the smooth construction, minimalist waistband, and form-fitting design, eliminating the 'manty line'," says Joel Primus, the company's founder and CEO. The manty line will never be a problem again. ($46,
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For the Bedroom
It's all about one word: enhancement. Want her to rip your underwear off? Try 2(xist)'s men's touch boxer briefs. They're not only incredibly soft because of wicking microfiber, but they also have an ultra-contoured pouch to really cup and highlight your assets. Wear them on Valentine's Day--and let her handle the rest. ($28,

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