When storing a size 1222B bra, don't think lingerie drawer, think...skyscraper! Check this amazing thing out (and find out how you could be its new owner!), after the jump.

world's largest bra(Photo: Beretta Sims Rex Features)

Last October, the Guinness people bestowed the world record for largest bra on this incredible piece of "lingerie", which, "took four weeks to stitch up, and is made from about four football fields worth of lightweight spinnaker nylon. The fabric weighs about 165 pounds, and with the metal fasteners it comes to 198 pounds." It's also 97 feet wide and was fastened around London's ITV Tower for breast cancer awareness.

It was supposed to be recycled into sailcloth, but it seems instead it's being auctioned off on eBay, as Design Taxi tells it, with the proceeds going to the UK's "Wear It Pink" initiative by the Breast Cancer Campaign.

The current bid is around $3,300.