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Ladies, if you've been waiting anxiously for the chance to break out your summer wardrobe, we're here to assure you that you're not alone.

Summer look jean shorts. Fabrice LEROUGE, Getty Images // Summer look jean shorts. Fabrice LEROUGE, Getty Images (Summer look jean shorts. Fabrice LEROUGE, Getty Images)

From the "invisible" yoga short to the (apparently underrated) sundress, we went straight to the source to get a sense of the warm-weather styles that really make men sweat (some of the answers may even surprise you).

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1. "I love my lady's legs. Nothing beats a pair of sexy shorts and heels." - Evan, 33

2. "A strapless sundress and flip-flops. Keep it simple." - Matt, 31

3. "I love some high-waisted shorts, a plain tee and sunglasses." - Steve, 26

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4. "Ripped denim shorts with wedges so the legs look long." - Michael, 29

5. "Love when the country concerts come to town. Plaid shirts tied in the front with jean shorts ... boots if they are really into it." - Jeff, 29

6. "Can't go wrong with some tank tops and short shorts." - Nick, 30

7. "I love, love, love sundresses." - Dustin, 29

8. "Booty shorts and crop tops." - Jon, 25

9. "The less a woman reveals, the more mysterious she is..." - Tom, 27

10. "Those tight yoga shorts... it's like they're wearing nothing at all." - Andrew, 29

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