"Sh*t Girls Say About Clothes" \\ Christian Louboutins shoes \\ Photo: Ben Pruchnie\Getty Images for Martini

Exactly how fixated are we on clothes? Well, a recent study found that women think about fashion an average of 91 times a day; that’s one fashion-related thought roughly every 11 minutes—eight times more often than men think about sex! So what are we thinking, and buying, and lusting after? And how normal is it that you own 17 identical black dresses and yet have nothing to wear tonight anyway? To find out, Glamour asked more than 1,400 women to open their closets and share their sartorial secrets. Fashion confession time starts…now!

You’re very Audrey Hepburn at heart

If you had to choose one: little black dress or little red dress?

  • Black: 80%
  • Red: 20%

Which is worse: being overdressed or underdressed at a party?

  • Overdressed: 28%
  • Underdressed: 72%

You’re completely obsessed with shoes…

If you could hoard one type of fashion item, what would it be?

  • Shoes: 27%
  • Dresses: 25%
  • Jeans: 18%
  • Jewelry: 13%
  • Bags: 11%
  • Jackets: 6%

Can you (be honest now!) list all the shoes in your closet?

  • Of course!: 54%
  • No way: 46%

Would you rather have a lifetime supply of Louboutins or one amazing night with Ryan Gosling?

  • A full 68% prefer the Louboutins for life.

…and with jeans too

How many pairs of jeans do you own?

  • 0–5: 41%
  • 6–20: 56%
  • And 3% of you have more than 20 pairs!

How often do you wash your jeans?

  • After every wear: 14%
  • About every other time I wear ’em: 50%
  • Every five wears: 27%
  • Only if they’re noticeably dirty: 13%

But that obsession has its limits

Would you rather have a magic potion that makes you smarter or a magic pair of jeans that always makes you look sexy?

  • I’ll take the smart potion, please.: 62%
  • I’ll take the sexy-making jeans, please.: 38%

And clothesdon’tmatter to you in politics

Do you judge female politicians and politicians’ wives on their outfit choices?

  • No, their clothes aren’t relevant: 68%
  • Yes, how they choose to present themselves matters: 32%

But which of the following, worn by a male politician, would lose your vote?

  • Crocs: 5%
  • Ill-fitting suits: 5%
  • Sandals with socks: 12%
  • A Speedo in public: 17%
  • An “I’m With Stupid” T-shirt: 20%

You’re not rushing out to try every new trend

Which of these fads would you refuse to wear?

  • Jeggings: 63%
  • A jumpsuit: 76%
  • Flatforms: 68%
  • Peep-toe boots: 73%
  • High-waisted pants and bikini bottoms: 56%

The perfect fit can be annoyingly hard to find

  • 46% of you say at least half the clothes in your closet don’t fit perfectly. (Only 5% say all your clothes do.)

Do you have special “fat day” clothes (anything larger or looser than most of your wardrobe)?

  • Yes: 71%
  • No: 29%

Is there anything in your closet that you’ve bought and never, ever worn?

  • Yep: 83%
  • Nope: 17%

You have a conscience (sometimes)

Would you or do you wear real fur?

  • Yes: 23%
  • No: 77%

When you’re shopping, do you seek out sustainable clothing?

  • Yes. I’m always looking for fair-labor, free-trade stuff.: 24%
  • Not really. It’s more like a happy accident if I find it.: 76%

And you’d never hide a bargain

Are you a discount discloser? (In other words, if you score an item on sale and someone compliments it, what do you say?)

  • Thanks!: 34%
  • Thanks, I got it at _______ for only ___ bucks!: 66%