Monaco princess Charlotte Casiraghi is in hot water after sporting a Native American-themed outfit during the Paris Masters International Jumping Competition this past weekend.

Princess of Monaco wears Native American outfit(Photo: Venturelli Getty Images for Gucci)

According to the Daily Mail, Casiraghi chose the particular ensemble to wear while participating in the Gucci-sponsored jumping competition, and it didn't go over well, sparking criticism from Tumblr users who called her 'racist' and 'ignorant.'

"I don't know who told her it was cute to dress in traditional [sic] clothing of Native American but gurlll, I'm judging you and not in the good way," said one commenter.

Another commenter wrote:

"Dear Charlotte Casiraghi, American Indians still endure racism, ignorance and abuse on a regular basis simply because they are Native. You displayed terribly poor judgment in your choice of "outfit.'"

Although Casiraghi is receiving the criticism, she's not the only one who dressed up in costume for the event. Other riders dressed as Roman warriors, donkeys, angels, and Flintstones. But given the recent controversy surrounding the costume (another incident with a Native American-inspired outfit recently caused a stir at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show), maybe it wasn't the best choice for the princess.

"The costume certainly adds fuel to an already heated debate about representation of Native Americans in popular culture," reports the Daily Mail.

Photo: Venturelli/Getty Images for Gucci