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Do Americans place more value on American-made clothing than they should? A new study conducted by the University of Missouri says yes. And that fact may be backfiring when it comes to spending money in stores.

Assistant professor Jung Ha-Brookshire showed participants two identical T-shirts during the study, one which she told them was made in China and one which was made in the United States. She found that participants placed a higher value on the shirt that was claimed to be made in the states, even though there was no difference between the shirts, a finding which could be a concern for American companies.

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"Americans tend to severely overvalue apparel produced entirely in the U.S.," Ha-Brookshire said in a press release. "This is concerning because if Americans place higher values on these U.S. products, they perceive those products to be too expensive and are less likely to buy them."

Since many people assume that an American-made shirt is more expensive, that may entice them to buy the shirt that was made outside the country in an effort to save money. So, what does this mean for retailers like American Apparel, whose core value is touting the fact that their clothing is produced in America?

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"If [retailers and manufacturers] don't communicate their realistic pricing strategy well with their consumers ... the consumers extremely over-value U.S. components, U.S. labor and U.S. materials," said Ha-Brookshire, according to an article published by CBS.

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