"All the details of Queen Elizabeth's wardrobe" \\ Queen Elizabeth \\ Photo: Eddie Mulholland\AFP\Getty​ Images

Angela Kelly, author of "Dressing The Queen: The Royal Wardrobe," chronicles each and every detail that go into managing and creating her Majesty's royal wardrobe. Turns out, there's quite the intricate processes that goes into every single detail of every outfit the Queen wears, with thought given to color schemes, hat sizes and even specific weights of handbags. The book gives fans of the Queen an insider look into the world of dressing a member of the royal family.

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But as for what size the Queen wears, that is still top secret. "Often we are joined by one or two of the Queen's corgis who like to keep a watchful eye over things!" says Kelly about a typical fitting session. "Otherwise, as with any fitting session, these are very private and we are the only people present."

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