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  • Great workwear essentials

    The workwear essentials every woman should own

    The secret to really chic style isn't really a secret: it's a formula — a set of tried-and-true essentials that can be worn and worn again, no matter the season or the year.

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    Another heat wave? Here’s what to wear when it’s super hot

    We love you, summer, but it’s really, really hard to dress our best when we’re drenched in sweat. While wearing minimal clothing seems to be the most logical solution, there’s always the risk of looking too exposed. We came up with a fashion strategy—this carefully edited list of 10 hot-weather fashion essentials. Reach for these to look fresh and fabulous all summer (because in a few months, we’ll be whining about how it’s too hard to look cute when it’s cold outside).

  • Kim Kardashian

    Celebrity jumpsuits we love

    Chic celeb outfits we can't resist.

  • Pastels

    10 summer trends that are totally IN for fall

    Here's what to look for to get the most out of those final summer sales and be ahead of the style game this fall.

  • Photographed by Raymond Meier, Vogue, September 2010

    When is Casual Friday too casual?

    The rules of Casual Friday, from creative to corporate.

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    Style strategy: 9 pieces you need for fall

    The nine elegant and essential pieces for fall—with expert advice on how to wear them.

  • How to keep your sweater from shedding

    21 genius hacks for fixing ruined clothing

    You have a red wine stain on your shirt. Now what?

  • Cool ways to dress up your ears

    23 cool and stylish ways to dress up your ears

    Add a subtle rock-and-roll edge to your earring look with these super chic little ear crawlers — half traditional stud earring, half ear cuff, and all cool.

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    10 Things You Need to Do Before You Wear a Crop Top

    We’re normally hesitant about reviving ’90s fashion trends (we’re looking at you, slip dress with hiking boots), but this particular reboot is charming, youthful, and yes, even classic. And with brands like T by Alexander Wang and Tibi making dozens of flattering cuts and styles, crop tops are no longer exclusively for 16-year-old pop stars. So if you’re going to flash some midriff, just consider a few things first.

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    How to pick the perfect wedding guest outfit, no matter the dress code

    Weddings are exciting occasions, but figuring out what to wear to them can make guests feel the complete opposite. Searching for the perfect look can be a bit overwhelming — especially when a specific theme or dress code is indicated on the wedding invitation. From black tie to dressy casual, the rules can fluctuate based on the type of day and formality of the occasion. To help ease some of the pressure, we’ve tapped advice from David’s Bridal New York City store manager Stacey Rywelski. She’s breaking down how to choose the right wedding guest outfit — no matter the dress code.

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    Finally: Your body’s best jeans

    There are no bad bodies, just bad jeans! Consider your denim problem areas solved (thanks to our 50-pair editor try-on).

  • Monica Schipper\FilmMagic

    6 steps to perfectly thick eyelashes

    Mascara wands are getting fatter, but that may not help your lashes. There's a better way to gain weight.

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