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    How to look stylish in your yoga pants

    How to pair your workout wear and yoga pants in ways that look great whether you're in the gym or on the street.

  • Kirsten Dunst, Kevin Mazur, WireImage

    5 pieces that make you look instantly dated

    We're all for sartorial freedom, but there are certain once-on-trend items that, when worn today, appear anything but current. Consider this your official out list.

  • Courtesy of thredUP

    3 expert tips on how to sell your clothes online

    If you're a practitioner of reselling your clothes—a good way to clear out some space in your wardrobe and make a few extra bucks—you might already be familiar with San Francisco-based thredUP.

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    Dress like your favorite emoji

    A picture may be worth a thousand words, but emoji must be worth at least a million. Here we show you how to channel your favorites: Go ahead, express yourself!

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    Dream prom dresses guaranteed to make you feel like a princess

    In a girl’s life, there are a select few occasions when it’s considered completely appropriate to go all out with a truly spectacular dress. Her wedding day comes to mind, of course, and maybe her Sweet 16. Prom night, however, is certainly at the tip-top of that short list of special events.

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    Waterproof shoes that you’ll actually want to wear all day

    Now that April is underway, we’ve officially entered the fickle season of on-again, off-again rain showers, thus complicating the already painful task of getting out of bed in the morning and starting the day. As if it isn’t already hard enough to quickly put together a nice work outfit, the bipolar nature of spring weather demands a careful mix of lightweight, waterproof layers, as well as appropriate footwear. Realistically, no one wants to wear a pair of chunky rubber boots around all day, but the only other alternative is to lug around a variety of gym shoes, heels, and flats to meet all of the day’s needs.

  • Cara, Poppy and Alexa at Glaso

    10 essentials to pack for a music festival

    Coachella weekend kicks off this weekend, then there's Glastonbury, Lollapalooza, and so on. Some festivals are one-day events, others let you unleash your inner hippie and camp out on the grounds (or if you're like me, book the nearest hotel).

  • X17online.com

    Spring denim refresh

    Up the stakes on your go-to skinny jeans this season with fresh approaches to all things jeans. From culottes to high waists, interesting distressing and girlfriend jeans—spring just got a lot more interesting.

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    The 7 most flattering flats for sizes 9 and up

    I don’t know when having big feet became an undesirable trait—blame Barbie and her perfectly arched, teeny-tiny pieds?—as surely those of us with more, shall we say, substantial ground support are steadier on their legs and better at fleeing predators in some evolutionary sense. But when was the last time someone complimented you on your big, strong-looking feet? Consider the many websites devoted to celebrity feet (and they are legion): Few, if any, admire a pair above a size 8. And those belong to the professionally desirable!

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    How To dress for Coachella without looking like a crazy person

    I like to consider myself somewhat of a seasoned Coachella-goer. In just a little under two weeks, I’ll be attending the sun-soaked California music and arts festival for the fourth time—and since my first Indio experience in 2010, the three-day event has transformed from an outdoor concert series coincidentally attended by a handful of celebrities into a heavily photographed street style spectacular. Ironically, however, as the fashion set’s become more and more involved with Coachella, some pretty unfortunate trends have become inextricably linked with the festival—and seemingly refuse be left in the Indio dust where they belong. Flower crowns and face paint, anyone?

  • From taboo to trend: Sock-and-sandal pairings are really happening

    From taboo to trend: Sock-and-sandal pairings are really happening

    Designers and celebrities alike are embracing the socks-and-sandals trend with carefree abandon. We pulled together nine pairings that will charm you and everyone's socks off, err, on.

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