Closet Genius

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  • Kristin's outfit makeover

    Closet Genius - Kristin

    Kristen has been a tomboy her entire life. Celebrity stylist Tanya Gill helped Kristen find clothes that are comfortable yet ultra-feminine. Shop Kristin's new outfits.

  • Cathy

    Closet Genius - Cathy

    Cathy wants to get back in to the workforce. But with a wardrobe filled with old sweat pants, Cathy has no idea what to wear to job interview. Shop Cathy's new wardrobe.

  • Nicole wearing outfit 1

    Closet Genius - Nicole

    Shop Nicole's look from Closet Genius and check out her style.

  • Lorri wearing outfit 1

    Closet Genius - Lorri

    Shop Lorri's look and watch more episodes for style tips.

  • Chai in outfit 1

    Closet Genius - Chai

    Shop Chai's look for style inspiration.