"Martha Stewart Paints Her Louboutin Soles Black: “I Don’t Like Them Red”" \\ Martha Stewart and Christian Louboutin \\ Photo: Wenn; FilmMagic

"See the soles? I paint them black," Stewart told InStyle.com of the metallic pumps that accessorized her Ralph Rucci cape and Vince leather trousers at the American Made Awards, which honored small business entrepreneurs. "I don't like them red, even though they're his trademark. But he doesn't mind. He said it's okay if I do that-I asked him!"

We're happy to hear the French shoemaker gave her exclusive permission, especially since he's so picky about his trademark-protected red soles. (In fact, Yves Saint Laurent just withdrew its claims against Louboutin over copyrighting the red bottoms.) Perhaps her personal touch is ahead of the curve!

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