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  • Kelly Osbourne (Photo: Instagram)

    Kelly Osbourne's first clothing collection to launch on HSN

    The American shopping channel will soon welcome a new brand created by British singer and fashion icon Kelly Osbourne.

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    Look now: Cara Delevingne

    To say Cara Delevingne is trending is an understatement: Her brows are a hot Google search term, she has around 2.8 million (and growing) Instagram followers, and it’s a challenge to find a Pinterest board without her on it. She’s the girl everyone wants to look like (and be BFF with, too). Check out her best beauty moments—and pin away.

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    12 iconic beauties who make the case for the cat eye

    Like red lipstick, cat eyes owe their timeless appeal to their spectacular, style-defining range that can, depending on application, telegraph Old Hollywood glamour, graphic minimalism, or counter-culture punk—what else do Siouxsie Sioux and Brigitte Bardot have in common? It’s impossible to think of Marilyn Monroe without those heavy-lidded bedroom eyes or Amy Winehouse sans her subversive, exaggerated swipe. A mere sweep of eye pencil transformed Anna Karina from a fresh-faced teenager into a French New Wave style icon, and Sophia Loren’s wide-eyed gaze has been forever etched into our collective memory with a frame of perfectly delineated black powder liner. Today, Alexa Chung gives the look a modern ease with a signature liquid swoosh that feels right whether she’s heading to brunch, the airport, or the red carpet. Here’s a look at the best feline eyes of all time. We feel certain that Choupette would approve.

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    10 of the sexiest denim campaigns of all time

    Have you ever noticed that denim ads are some of the sexiest? And most memorable? We can’t tell you how many of the people featured on our site, jeanstories.com, swoon as they reminisce about the first time they watched the 1985 Levis’s 501s “Laundrette” TV spot featuring hte handsome Nick Kamen—who ended up , ahem, sans jeans. As for print ads, think Guess, Calvin Klein…not only sexy, but envelope-pushing and groundbreaking. If concerned mothers of America are writing angry letters to their local newspapers about the boob-baring faces of your campaign, you, as a jeans brand, know you’ve done something right.

  • Elle Macpherson

    The '90s supermodels who are even hotter today

    Sorry, Kate Upton. You may be having a moment now, but the lovely supermodels of the '90s (and '80s) have been going strong for decades, and their careers and stunning looks are showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, we think they've only gotten sexier throughout the years.

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    The best supermodel street style: Four decades of iconic fashion inspiration

    There’s just something about those supermodels. Whether they’re headed to or from the runway or exiting the airport or Studio 54, models always seem to manage to perfectly nail that covetable “I just threw this together and yes, I do look great in everything” insouciance. Plus, they do have access to the best of the best. . . . Let’s just say that “the Model Off Duty look” became a “thing” for a reason. Maybe it’s the dog days of summer, maybe it’s some planetary shift, maybe it’s our own wardrobe-related fatigue, but something out there has got us seriously hankering for supermodel style. Here we’ve gathered our favorites, from seventies stunners like Jerry Hall and Patti Hansen to the knockouts from the nineties (Stephanie Seymour during the Axl Rose era, anyone?), and modern style stars like Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, and Joan Smalls. Take some inspiration from the leggy sirens of street style as you glide into August. Our favorites below.

  • Ashlee and Jessica Simpson (Photo: Courtesy of InStyle)
  • Courtesy of Lifestyle Mirror

    23 celebs who will make you want long hairstyles with bangs

    Even if you're a bangs newbie, our collection of 25 celebrities with the long-bang combo will inspire you to make the move.

  • Getty Images // Getty Images

    15 celebs who are working the floral trend

    Get inspired to try these sweet and summery looks.

  • Celebrity wearing flannel (Photo: Courtesy of InStyle)

    3 star-inspired ways to wear flannel in the summer

    How to wear this cool-weather staple in the summer.

  • Miranda Kerr (Photo: Courtesy of InStyle)

    Miranda Kerr gives Birkenstocks a very fashionable spin

    See how Miranda Kerr made a pair of Birkenstocks chic.

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