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    23 celebs who will make you want long hairstyles with bangs

    Even if you're a bangs newbie, our collection of 25 celebrities with the long-bang combo will inspire you to make the move.

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    15 celebs who are working the floral trend

    Get inspired to try these sweet and summery looks.

  • Celebrity wearing flannel (Photo: Courtesy of InStyle)

    3 star-inspired ways to wear flannel in the summer

    How to wear this cool-weather staple in the summer.

  • Miranda Kerr (Photo: Courtesy of InStyle)

    Miranda Kerr gives Birkenstocks a very fashionable spin

    See how Miranda Kerr made a pair of Birkenstocks chic.

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    5 celeb wedding guests with killer style

    They can't escape wedding season, so they might as well look their best.

  • Everett Collection

    10 summer beauty icons

    The leading ladies who make summer beauty look effortless.

  • Emily Blunt

    Steal anti-aging secrets from celebrities in their 30s

    OK, you're pushing 30 . . . don't panic! Even if you were a complete antiaging recluse in your 20s, there is still time to enter the next decade with endless grace and fewer wrinkles. And who better to steal skin care secrets from than the actresses who remain looking forever young? These Hollywood starlets may be in their 30s, but there's nary a dark spot in sight. Their beauty favorites range from drugstore classics to cult luxury elixirs and even a DIY recipe. With this shopping list under your belt, you can celebrate your 30s without a worry line in sight.

  • Lucky

    Celeb style icons at every age

    There’s a particular episode of 30 Rock (“Black Light Attack!”, for all the fellow 30 Rock historians out there) in which Jane Krakowski’s youth-obsessed character Jenna goes on a Gossip Girl audition. She thinks it’s for the role of an Upper East Side high schooler, but as she learns in the middle of the tryout, it’s for that of her mother instead. While Tina Fey’s brilliant Liz Lemon later tries to talk Jenna off the cliff, she says, “You can try to fight getting older. You can be like Madonna, and cling to youth with your Gollum arms. Or you can be like Meryl Streep and embrace your age with elegance.”

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    American beauty: 30 iconic models made in the USA

    In the hundred-plus years since the birth of the modern fashion magazine, it’s safe to say the definition of American beauty has expanded. And, yet, every so often, a model appears on the scene that captures the country’s collective imagination. Distilling all the values of a particular time and place into one willowy, superhuman frame, these women serve as both muse and marker for their generation. What would the 1950s be, after all, without the immaculate sangfroid of Dovima—a New York City–born beauty with the face of an aristocrat that, as the modeling agent Eileen Ford once put it, “looked like she could freeze ice.” The sixties ushered in a wave idiosyncratic ingenues culminating with Marisa Berenson, whose tawny skin and liberated good looks would go on to epitomize the jet-set bohemianism of the 1970s alongside glamorous late-era superstars Jerry Hall and Pat Cleveland. The eighties were all about the healthy athleticism and wholesome voluptuousness that would come to characterize the world’s idea of American beauty. That, combined with an instantly recognizable signature—Brooke Shields’s brows! Cindy Crawford’s mole!—were what would eventually give rise to the nineties supermodel. The California-born Christy Turlington laid claim to that title. Then came Pennsylvania-bred Kristen McMenamy, who, with her fearless spirit, shaved brows, and androgynous good looks, wiped the slate clean for a less conventional kind of beauty. In more recent years, a string of new faces have charmed and captivated us once again. A few of our favorites: Karlie Kloss, Kate Upton, and Joan Smalls (who hails from the commonwealth of Puerto Rico). Made in the USA has never looked so good. Here, a look at our favorite American beauties throughout the years.

  • Shailene Woodley

    Celebrity pixies and short hairstyles we love

    Going short has never looked better.

  • Over the top Photoshops

    Over-the-top Photoshop jobs

    These actresses and models had a little more than touch-ups done on the computer.

  • Ellen and Portia (Photo: Getty Images)

    Ellen DeGeneres is launching a lifestyle brand

    Think "simple in a sophisticated, not tricky, not trendy way."

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