Summer Sandal Trends \\ © Studio Paggy\IZA Stock\Getty Images(© Studio Paggy\IZA Stock\Getty Images)

Get some air conditioning this sultry season in shoes designed to show off more than a little skin, featuring finishes as bright as the sun or as pretty as a field of flowers. These strappy stunners rock, whether you love the comfort of a chic little flat sandal, the leg-lengthening powers of a platform sandal or chunky wedge, the glimmering beauty of evening heels, or the safety of sandals designed for serious mileage and summertime sporting.

Flat Sandals: You're Grounded

Whether it's a pair of brawny gladiator sandals or a more delicate duo bedecked with spaghetti-thin straps, this season flats are where it's at. Get down to earth with trend-right details, including bejeweled uppers, sizzling neon tints, edgy studs and metal trim, or a sweet, boho extra, the toe ring. Wide ankle straps and oversized buckles ensure your low-heeled kicks get their fair share of looks even amid towering heels, but you really don't need much for your style to sing: An elegant, minimalist T-strap flat stands out when it's crowned with a collection of faceted faux gems. Grecian-inspired flat sandals are another summer staple, and this year they're more precious than ever when enrobed in molten metallics.