Best Shorts for Your Shape \\ © Frederic Cirou\PhotoAlto\Getty Images(© Frederic Cirou\PhotoAlto\Getty Images)

When the mercury rises our wardrobes lean casual, and liberating your legs from long pants becomes the best way to catch a breeze. Throwing on a pair of shorts may seem like a no-brainer, but depending on your body shape, there are pairs that may add bulk where your don't want it, and others that slim and trim simply due to their tailoring. Whether you're short and curvy, long and lean or anything in between, here are the shorts that make the cut.

Bermuda Shorts: Island Girls

Comfortable and classic, Bermuda shorts are ideal for any woman who craves a little more leg coverage, and are the perfect pick for plus-size gals on the taller side. The longer length (typically just an inch above the knee) balances a leggy figure, while streamlining tummy, hips and thighs at the same time. Pear-shaped and bottom-heavy figures of all heights save petite (5'3" and under) also benefit from this shorts style, especially when the pairs are free of embellishment, in solid colors dark or bright, and made from crisp, mid-weight materials such as chino or denim. Avoid silky or flowy pairs that'll make your bottom half balloon.

Are your stems a little on the skinny side? Cuffs and pleats add volume. Want to whittle your thighs? Vertical stripes (tres trendy this season) elongate. And for those with a bit of a belly, mid-rises (9-inches and above) and wide waistbands help with middle management.