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  • Sign placement/"10 Most Outrageous Wedding Photos"/Photo: Brooke Aliceon Photography

    10 outrageous wedding photos

    The typical wedding: A white dress, tiered cake, floral centerpieces and a cute flower girl -- you know the drill. Every once in a while, though, a couple trades in tradition for a quirky, never-seen-that-before idea. Here are a few of the most out-there wedding photos that made us do a double take.

  • Hot wedding trends for fall

    9 hot wedding trends for fall

    There's a lot to love about weddings this fall, like cocktails served in copper Moscow mule mugs, industrial-inspired lighting and pheasant feather details. See what's new!

  • least expensive places to get married

    These are the 25 least expensive places to get married in America

    Even though the national average wedding is $29,858, that’s just an average. If you live in a smaller state like Idaho where the average wedding costs $16,159, you may find yourself saving a little more than half of the national spend! Check out some of the other least expensive cities to get married in below:

  • wed

    The 3 kinds of friendzillas you’ll encounter while wedding planning

    The heightened emotions surrounding a wedding can turn even the most well-meaning bestie into an unintentionally overbearing stressor. Here’s how to spot potential “friendzillas” and how to deal with them before they threaten to take over your big day.

  • wedd

    What is swagging? And 9 other confusing wedding terms defined

    Feel like your wedding planner is speaking in a foreign tongue when he or she talks about prepping for your big day? Believe us brides, you’re not the only ones.

  • pig/"8 cute animal wedding photos"/K. Corea Photography

    8 cute animal wedding photos

    What's more fun than animals in weddings? We've rounded up eight of the cutest.

  • dog/"8 engagement photos with dogs"/George St. Photo & Video

    8 engagement photos with dogs that will melt your heart

    Your puppy is all over your Instagram, Facebook and fridge, so there's no reason not to include him in your engagement pictures too. The best engagement photos give viewers a peek into your life. If you’re a dog owner, take this opportunity to show off your pooch, like these 22 couples did! And we can't thank them enough.

  • RachelAaron/"The 8 Sweetest Proposals We've Ever Seen"/Rachel Red Photography

    7 of the sweetest wedding proposals we've ever seen

    While we do love crazy, funny and over-the-top engagements, sometimes there's just nothing like a proposal with a heartfelt story behind it (warning: you might need some tissues). We've rounded up some of the most romantic wedding proposals from couples across the country, so keep scrolling for seven of our favorites:

  • 1. Too many speeches

    8 things that might annoy your wedding guests

    As much as you’d like to think your guests will love every single aspect of your wedding, the truth is you really can’t please everyone. However, you can try to avoid ticking them off. Here’s how.

  • bride

    10 things you should never say to a bride on her wedding day

    It’s not surprising that most brides experience “heightened sensitivity levels” on their wedding day.

  • weddog

    Your $25,000 wedding: Where should the money go?

    It would be amazing if the first step in planning a wedding was actually cake-tasting or searching for your dream gown, but before the real fun can begin, step one is determining exactly what you have to spend on the big day and how it should be divvied up.

  • 1. Avoid Peak Season: Save $1,500

    14 ways to cut your wedding budget in half

    Follow these steps to slash your wedding budget—not your fun—in half.

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