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  • bride

    10 things you should never say to a bride on her wedding day

    It’s not surprising that most brides experience “heightened sensitivity levels” on their wedding day.

  • weddog

    Your $25,000 wedding: Where should the money go?

    It would be amazing if the first step in planning a wedding was actually cake-tasting or searching for your dream gown, but before the real fun can begin, step one is determining exactly what you have to spend on the big day and how it should be divvied up.

  • 1. Avoid Peak Season: Save $1,500

    14 ways to cut your wedding budget in half

    Follow these steps to slash your wedding budget—not your fun—in half.

  • 1. You might feel like a kid playing grown-up.

    10 things you should know about the first year of marriage

    It won’t all be cake and flowers, but it can be the best year of your life together so far.

  • tradition

    5 unbelievable wedding traditions from around the world

    When we recently uncovered some surprising facts behind the wedding traditions we’ve all come to know, we also came across some pretty unbelievable global wedding traditions we had never heard of. So, without further ado, here are five “say what?” big-day customs.

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  • 1. Too many speeches

    8 things that might annoy your wedding guests

    As much as you’d like to think your guests will love every single aspect of your wedding, the truth is you really can’t please everyone. However, you can try to avoid ticking them off too bad. Here’s how.

  • 1. You can't remember what compromise feels like

    8 signs you’re a bridezilla

    You know the warning signs — toddler-like tantrums, mascara-stained cheeks, immaculately organized wedding binders that weigh more than a flower girl — yet somehow it’s happened to you … You’ve become a Bridezilla. You may think this overused title is solely reserved for reality TV and romantic comedies, but the reality is high expectations mixed with unexpected circumstances — also known as wedding planning — can be a cocktail of disaster that even the sanest souls can’t stomach. If you suspect the process might be getting the better of you, here are eight ways to tell you’re entering the Bridezilla danger zone.

  • vows2

    The biggest wedding vow don’ts

    Writing your own wedding vows lets you express your own beliefs and feelings. It’s also the most significant way to personalize your ceremony.

  • The texter

    The 7 people who could ruin your wedding-day mood — and how to stop them

    Whether it’s the guest whose cell phone shrills in the middle of your vows or a inappropriate, drunken declaration made from your dance floor, there are just certain people who can put a crimp in what should otherwise be your carefree wedding day. Here, we identify seven key culprits and dish out tips that will keep them from getting under your skin.

  • wed

    A quick guide to changing your name

    With your wedding day fast approaching, you’ve likely sorted out most of your important details. The dress has been altered, your reception venue paid for, and the menu chosen. But one important detail you may be forgetting to work on the logistics of? Changing your name!

  • happy

    5 things you must do before you tie the knot

    When you’re busy planning a life with someone else, it’s easy to forget about something: yourself! But before you get married, there are a few single-girl to-dos you must accomplish. We’ve rounded up five things — some practical, some fun — that every bride-to-be should do before she walks down the aisle.

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