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Hot floral trends for 2013 weddings

By Amy Shey Jacobs Jan 23, 2013 10:15PM
Photo: Courtesy of The Knot

So, America, excellent job choosing the shimmering Manzanita & Crystal look for Sierra and Andre’s winter wedding! That motif will undoubtedly transform the space into a winter wonderland on their wedding day.

I had so much fun putting together the gorgeous floral motifs for The Knot Dream Wedding with Rebecca Shepherd of Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design. Anne Hathaway sure knows style when she sees it: She had Rebecca pull together gorgeous florals for her engagement party — and now Sierra and Andre will have the amazing opportunity to work with Rebecca for their very own dream wedding on February 14 at Citi Pond at Bryant Park.

The four styles Rebecca and I pulled together for your vote were inspired by the winter season — but they also represent some of the hottest trends in wedding flowers. Here’s more on the trends that inspired us and how to incorporate them into your day-of blooms.

Vintage Modern
Vintage floral inspiration has been all the rage in recent years — and these dainty, feminine florals remain the look of the moment. Consider a palette of pastels like mint, buff and ballet slipper pink, which work really well together and also with neutrals like soft gray and even with metallics like pewter, brushed silver and matte gold. Rebecca brought this look to life with clouds of baby’s breath atop fluid Lucite vases, flanked by gorgeous bud vases with delicate anemones, fringe tulips and ranunculus. Of course, peonies are a perfect fit for this look — but as Rebecca tells us in this week’s video blog, if you can’t get peonies in your wedding season, garden roses are available year-round that will give you that same gorgeous vintage look. And take a cue from Rebecca and have fun with your containers! Go beyond vases and pop flowers in vintage tea tins, milk-glass containers and any antiques you pick up along the way!

Ombre has been all over fashion, beauty, home decor and, yes, weddings too! Try this crescendo of color that shows a spectrum from white to light to deep to dark in a single color in a variety of blooms. The monochromatic look works in almost any color: purple, pink, yellow, orange and even green. The trick is to pick ONE color and repeat the look consistently throughout your wedding florals. My trick to achieving the perfect ombre? Go to the local paint store and pick up strips of color that work well next to each other. This will allow you to work with your florist (or shop on your own) to create your spectrum.

Modular & Monobotanical
One of the best ways to achieve a trendy, modern look is to go modular with your centerpieces: four cubic vases of varying heights filled with a single bloom in each (hence, monobotanical). When you put them together, they create a dynamic centerpiece. You can choose to go monochromatic or to color block (with two to four colors) — again, with a single type of bloom in each vase. For Cubist White, we had amaryllis in a tall vase, ranunculus in a medium-height vase, hydrangeas in another vase and then a super-cool artsy bud vase filled with silver brunia. Note: Structural blooms like calla lilies and tulips work best with this look, but don’t be afraid to get funky with non-floral textures like berries, billy balls and seed pods.

Organic Glam
Bringing the outdoors inside will continue to be hot in wedding floral looks this year. Branches are an incredible way to add a dose of drama to your flowers. But don’t be afraid to inject a boost of bling into your barn-inspired wedding. We added crystal and sparkle to the manzanita centerpieces that will grace The Knot Dream Wedding — and flanked the otherwise earthy centerpieces with sparkly details like shimmering linens with oversize sequins. The juxtaposition of crystal and bark really makes a surprisingly stylish impact that guests won’t soon forget!

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About Amy Shey Jacobs:
As the founder of Chandelier Events, celebrity wedding planner Amy Shey Jacobs has thrown one-of-a-kind celebrations for A-listers and brides alike. Known for her creative approach to planning and her relationships with top industry professionals, she’s now teamed up with The Knot to help plan every detail of its ultimate dream wedding in New York City. Each week until the February 14 fete, she’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at all that goes into the planning, including insider tips and more! 
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