Sierra and Andre(Photo: The Knot)

Sierra, a 26-year-old florist, nanny and aspiring actress, and Andre, a 27-year-old animator and visual effects artist, are both Los Angeles residents. Sierra and Andre love to travel and watch movies. They also love being active together, whether it's going for a hike or snowboarding. They recently did a Spartan Race together: a 5K race combined with a military-style obstacle course that involved swimming in freezing-cold water, jumping through fire, crawling under barbed wire and scaling walls. This is one adventurous couple!

Sierra and Andre's Love Story:
Sierra moved to LA from Idaho in November 2011. Her living arrangements fell through, so Sierra started looking online for a sublet or a roommate. She came across a great ad for someone looking for a roommate, and that person was Andre. Sierra applied for the apartment, and when her application was approved, they went out to celebrate and began to get to know each other. It was their first "date," and they didn't even know it! Since the pressure was off, they talked about everything, even taboo first date topics, and realized they had so much in common. Shortly after Sierra moved in, they shared their first kiss. Sierra made it clear that she needed a real commitment from Andre if they were going to be more than just roommates. So a few days later, Andre asked Sierra to be his girlfriend by surprising her with rose petals on her bed that spelled out "Will you be my girlfriend?"

"He's everything I could have ever imagined and more. He treats me like a goddess. I feel complete with him and can't imagine life without him. There are so many deep life connections I feel to him. We are so loving to each other. I am so grateful -- this is the greatest love I've ever felt. It's in a league of its own!"

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Andre on Sierra:
"We complete each other's sentences, think the same thoughts and share the same opinions. It's beyond serendipity and synchronicity. She is my soul mate. Before I met her, I thought I was complete, but now I know that I was not complete without her. She makes me a better person and lover, and I'm happier, healthier and wiser. I love her generosity, altruism, drive and determination. She is my other half. I don't know what I would do without her."

The Proposal:
"The proposal was an out-of-body experience," Sierra says. The couple was in Kauai, Hawaii, and Andre said he had something fun planned for the two of them. When they arrived at an airport, Sierra was very confused. They had talked about taking a helicopter ride, but it wasn't in their budget. Completely shocked, Sierra got into the helicopter with Andre, and about 15 minutes into the flight, they came upon an amazingly gorgeous waterfall and landed nearby. Andre started setting up his time-lapse camera, and Sierra thought nothing of it because he's a photographer. The couple posed for photos and kissed in front of the waterfall. Andre then started telling Sierra the most wonderful, beautiful things and how much he loved her, and then asked, "Will you marry me?" As soon as Sierra said yes, the sun broke out over the waterfall. The couple has photographic proof; it was magical.