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What nobody tells you about your first Christmas

Find out just what’s in store for your first holiday as a married couple.

By The Married Chick Dec 28, 2012 4:52PM
Photo: Laughing Couple // ShutterstockFor some couples, their first married Christmas is exactly like it was when they were dating. Other couples totally change the way they celebrate the holidays -- for example, splitting the celebrations between two families for the first time -- and encounter the unexpected.

Readers at TheNest.com shared what surprised them most about their first married holiday with their significant other. Here’s the scoop on what happens when you share a season:

“My husband was utterly clueless about how much work goes into wrapping gifts and cooking!” -- C.S.

“He actually took initiative and bought at least half of the Christmas presents we had on our list -- even the ones for my family!” -- E.B.

“I was dismayed that my mother-in-law gave me a toilet brush and plunger ensemble, along with a furry toilet seat cover.” -- D.W.

“I was surprised how both sets of our parents were so unwilling to share us with the new in-laws. It was a calculated battle so that the divided hours were ‘fair.’" -- A.K.

“I thought it would be no big deal to go to his parents’ house instead of my parents’ house for Christmas, but I felt a little sad being away from the home that I’ve always associated with the holiday.” -- E.M.

“Our families approach the holidays so differently -- mine is very laid-back; hers is very strict about traditions -- that it was a culture shock for me the first time I experienced the holidays at my in-laws.” -- J.O.

“Creating the perfect Christmas card is a full-time project.” -- M.R.

“I missed the way my family opened gifts -- all at the same time, with talking and showing off their new stuff. It’s so fun! His family goes around in a circle and opens each gift one-by-one while everyone else watches. It’s so much pressure!” -- P.S.

“It was very real. For the first time, I saw people in his family have the kind of drunken conflicts that only come up during the holidays!” -- E.M.

“I couldn’t believe how full I was by the end of the day! We had to go to parties at both my parents’ house and his parents’ house to make everyone happy.” -- T.F.

What surprised you about your first Christmas together?

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