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Meeting an Ex? Go Out for Coffee, Not Lunch

Or if you want to make your partner jealous, do it the other way around.

By The Married Chick Jul 27, 2012 10:57PM

coffeeIf your partner told you they were going out for coffee with an ex, would you be jealous? What about for lunch? According to a researcher at Cornell University, most people perceive a shared meal as a much more intimate rendezvous than a java meet-up -- and meals "elicit more jealousy." 

I guess it makes sense, if you think about it from a dating perspective. When we first met, my husband and I went out for a drink. I do remember a coffee date toward the beginning too. It wasn’t until our third or fourth date that we went out to dinner. A meal seems like the next level -- when you really like someone. And in most cultures, sharing meals is considered a way of bonding.

Personally, though, I wouldn’t mind if my husband wanted to dine with an ex. Okay, it’s never happened. But if he brought it up, really, I’d be fine with it -- really! And I think he'd be fine with me doing it too. That is, unless there were reasons to be jealous. Like, if I didn’t completely trust him (which I do), or if I felt I had a reason to be threatened. In which case I don’t think it would matter if he were meeting with this ex to take a walk around the block. It would make me equally as concerned as if they were headed to Peter Luger Steak House together.

Is it just me?

How do you feel about this coffee vs. meal debate?

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Aug 29, 2012 5:30PM
I've met my ex fiance for coffee before, we talked about our marriages and how our lives have changed, I'm happy for him and he's happy for me.
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