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A family arises from the confines of a dark, damp subway station.

By Kristin Wong Mar 29, 2013 4:22PM

"I found a baby," Daniel Stewart said over the phone to his partner, Peter Mercurio. Daniel was in a subway station on Eighth Avenue in Manhattan when he spotted a day-old infant wrapped in a sweatshirt, abandoned behind the turnstiles.

In an article for the New York Times, Peter writes, "Daniel called me that day, frantic. 'I called 911, but I didn't think they believed me.'" Peter says he didn't believe Daniel, either.

Photo: OUT at NBCUniversal via Facebook, http://aka.ms/OUTMore on MSN Living: 10 rocky moments every relationship faces

But 11 years later, and the two are a modern family with a love story that includes taking on parenthood when they least expected it.


Are you a wedding rebel? You may be a planner's nightmare.

By Kristin Wong Mar 28, 2013 4:14PM

You'd think that a bride who shuns traditional, over-the-top wedding customs is easier to work with. But wedding expert Summer McLane says that's not the case.

In an appearance on HuffPost Live this week, McLane argued that the 'anti-bride' is a worse breed than the 'bridezilla.'

Photo: Anti-brides / Kyle Monk/Blend Images/Getty Images


Girls-only app Lulu lets you review guys to help other girls.

By HerCampus.com Mar 27, 2013 4:18PM

Have you ever gotten halfway through a date with a guy and thought, "I wish someone had warned me that he (insert off-putting habit or quality he possesses here)"? There's now an app that can give you that warning you wish you'd had! 

Photo: New app let's you review your dates / LuluLulu is an app that lets you review your exes or past hookups to let other girls know what they're like so that they're ready for what's in store for them. 


The first vowel sound in a person's name determines default communication style, according to one name expert.

By Glamour Magazine Mar 27, 2013 4:10PM

by Gena Kaufman

Even though I don’t really intend to change my name if I ever get married, I’ll cop to imagining how my first name would sound with a guy’s last name if I’m interested in him. Like, Gena Gosling has a nice ring to it. Or whatever! But you know what I’ve never thought about? Whether my first name and his first name make us better equipped to have a relationship.

Photo: First names can determine relationship success / Jamie Grill/Getty ImagesProbably because that makes no sense, but apparently, it’s a thing. According to Sharon Lynn Wyeth, creator of Neimology Science, the first vowel sound in a person's name determines his or her default communication style. Therefore, if two people's names start with different vowels, it may be harder for them to communicate together. 


Not tying the knot is becoming the new norm.

By Kristin Wong Mar 27, 2013 3:43PM

In your 20s with no marriage plans on the horizon? You're not alone. 

Researchers from California State University recently released a report, "Knot Yet: The Benefits and Costs of Delayed Marriage in America." The report details studies on unmarried 20-somethings and explores the effects of waiting to tie the knot. 

Photo: Younger couple looking at wedding dresses / Manchan/Getty Images


A survey of mental health professionals from YourTango.com dispels several long-held myths, and reveals what actually makes a man husband material.

For starters, is it true that you can tell everything you need to know about how a man will treat you by looking at his relationship with his mother? "Not even close," say 65 percent of respondents.

Photo: Husband material / Fuse/Getty ImagesHowever, YourTangoExpert Jennifer Elizabeth Masters disagrees, explaining: "If a man is disrespectful of his mother, he will disrespect you. If he does not get along with his mother, he is a bad risk."


Is hair color really a factor when it comes to settling down?

By Kristin Wong Mar 26, 2013 4:37PM

In another survey pitting blonde against brunette, it's been revealed that men prefer darker hair when it comes to settling down.

The not-so-scientific survey of 1,000 men found that 54 percent would prefer a brunette wife, while 16 percent would choose a blonde gal. A promising 30 percent don't have a preference either way.

Photo: Men say brunettes make better wives / Thomas Schweizer/Getty Images


Sometimes you just need to know if your guy is dating his sister.

By Kristin Wong Mar 25, 2013 2:39PM
As purveyors of all things dating, sex and love, The Heart Beat comes across quite a few odd topics. The oddest of all generally come from questions asked in advice columns.
We've rounded up five of the weirdest dating advice column questions we've encountered.
Photo: Novastock/Getty Images Click through and, if you feel so inclined, dispense your own advice for these bizarre quandaries in the comments below.

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