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Couple marries at uncle's funeral

A nephew and his bride help uncle keep his promise posthumously.

By Kristin Wong Apr 8, 2013 4:44PM

"This is going to be one for the books," the Rev. Caleb Johnson announced at a funeral on March 28. The deceased was Gregory "Chops" Scott, and 2,000 people gathered for his procession. Only 850 of them could fit into First Corinthian Baptist Church in Philadelphia. But those 850 were in for a surprise. That day, Scott's nephew Reggie Wade, 39, wed Monique McMillan, 29, in an unannounced ceremony that took place at the funeral.

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Before his death, Wade's uncle promised to walk McMillan down the aisle. Her father had died years ago, the Philadelphia Daily News reported.

Scott was gunned down outside his home on Feb. 27. He was a leader in his community and drill master of West Philadelphia's Gold Coast Buccaneers drill team. At the funeral, Wade and McMillan both wore Buccaneers-colored T-shirts that featured Scott's picture.

"This was the last time his presence was gonna be here with us, and he promised me," Wade said. "It's like I got to live up to my word. We never lie to each other."

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Johnson told the crowd, "If you came to this looking for a funeral as usual, you're in the wrong place." He then announced the surprise wedding.
"You had some gasps and you had some laughter because folks knew, who else would do this?" he said.

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Johnson then married Wade and McMillan as they stood in front of the casket.

"We keep our promises, and he promised to give her away," said Scott's widow, Alfreda Johnson-Scott. "And he was dressed for the occasion."

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Photo: Walter B. McKenzie; Getty Images

Apr 10, 2013 4:32AM

Love and devotion,

                             Could we please have more of this,,,,

Apr 9, 2013 8:47PM
I can understand the brides conviction of having a male covering at her wedding. I am almost 50 and my dad died on Labor Day! Who is going to walk with me.
Apr 9, 2013 5:13PM
Dumb story about dumber people, At least there is only 2 screwed up families involved.
Apr 9, 2013 4:10PM
I am saddened at all the Thumbs down for each comment made.  What's wrong with people?? I believe this was a heart warming story!!! How could you not enjoy their unique way of celebration?!!!  Sending well wishes for their future!
Apr 9, 2013 5:37AM

Funeral cost: $8000

Suit to be buried in: $200

Marriage License: $50

Being to damn cheap to reserve the church again: PRICELESS!!!

....on the brightside, the wedding pics for the brides family wont be creepy at all!

Apr 9, 2013 3:55AM
Good for this couple and good for those gathered that the embraced the event with approval. Celebrations of life and life continuing...well done!
Apr 9, 2013 3:41AM
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