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'Missed Connections' map shows most common places for lost love

If you're seeking romance in Texas, try Walmart.

By Kristin Wong Feb 22, 2013 6:39PM

You know all those crazy "missed connection" ads on Craigslist? One woman spent the time to compile data from tons of them, and she created a handy map to see just where lost love is happening in each state.

"I went through a hundred [ads] for each state and the District of Columbia, so 5,100 total," illustrator Dorothy Gambrell told MSN Living's The Heart Beat. "I would not recommend this to anyone."

Not only did Gambrell find that Walmart is a common place for missed romance, she also found that the majority of missed connections (59 percent) are men seeking women. Gambrell also pinpointed the "site of missed connection by median age of poster."

Photo: Photo: Missed Connections / Image Source/Getty ImagesFor 20-year-olds, that site is an ice cream shop. At age 30, romantic hopefuls are crossing paths in bars, and at 40 years, a strip club or adult bookstore serves as the backdrop for a potential romance.

"I wanted to know where missed connections took place because it sounded fascinating," Gambrell told us. "It's hard to wonder where most missed connections take place across the USA and not start working towards an answer."

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So where else are missed connections taking place? You might be surprised.

In Oregon and Washington State, the bus is the top spot for singles almost finding love. The Pacific Northwest also has the boldest women. The highest percentage of ads from women seeking men (25 percent) and women seeking women (5 percent) hail from this region of the country.

In New York, most missed connections take place on the subway, while in California, they're most likely to happen at 24 Hour Fitness. Georgians cross paths in cars, and South Carolinians at football games.

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But who knew Walmart was such a hot spot for love at first sight? This was the most common missed connection spot for Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee and 10 other states.

Men seeking women had the highest percentage of ads, at 59 percent, and men seeking men came in second with 27 percent. Women seeking men only made up 13 percent of the ads, and only one percent of countrywide missed connections are women seeking women.

Even for those of us not seeking lost romance, the Missed Connections section is a fun area to peruse. Lost love is intriguing—just ask Patrick Moberg. In 2007, he crossed paths with the girl of his dreams on the subway in New York. He created an illustration of her and then designed a website in her honor: NYgirlofmydreams.com.

"Please help me find her," Moberg pleaded. He pointed out that she wore blue gym shorts and blue tights and added: "You were writing in a journal on the train." 

Of course, that was six years ago. In the time since, Moberg found his girl, and the two were put in touch with one another. But how did their story end? He added the following final update to his site:

"In our best interest, there will be no more updates to this website. Unlike all the romantic comedies and bad pop songs, you'll have to make up your own ending for this."

We'd like think they lived happily ever after, but just a year later, Camille told the press:

"We dated for a while, but now we're just friends."

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Photo: Photo: Missed Connections / Image Source/Getty Images


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