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It's 'Break Up With Your Ex' day!

Can't stop thinking about your ex? Valentine's Day can make it worse; here are some tips for moving on.

By Kristin Wong Feb 13, 2013 4:55PM

Sometimes your past won't stay where it belongs. During a breakup, denial can keep us from moving on from an ex—especially near Valentine's Day.

That's why love and relationship blog YourTango.com has officially declared Feb. 13 'Break Up With Your Ex' day. This year, The Heart Beat wanted to join in on the festivities. And just what do these festivities include?

"On February 13, YourTango is celebrating Break Up With Your Ex Day—a day to liberate yourself from old flames, say a final farewell same old type you always date—and vow to move on to healthy, happy, fulfilling relationships in 2013."

Sounds good to us. With the help of YourTango, we've put together a few tips for moving on from an old flame.

Photo: Break up with your ex day / Jamie Grill/JGI/Getty ImagesSever digital ties: Unfriend, unfollow and untag. This might seem petty, but when you're constantly thinking about your old flame (and YourTango found that 71 percent of people do), the Internet can be your enemy. Online stalking is too big a temptation, and the last thing you want to see is that he or she is moving on without you.

Unfollow your ex on Twitter, block your ex on AIM, and untag any photos you have together. Maybe you can forge a friendship in the future, but for now, it's time to move on from your digital relationship, too.

From Your Tango: 10 Steps To Erasing Your Ex's Digital Footprint

Develop a new routine: Sometimes it's not all about your ex. Sometimes it's about the life you're used to living with that person. When you break up with someone, you're losing a routine, too—no more date night, no more daily phone call—it's hard to accept change. So pick up a new routine. On nights once dubbed 'date night', try to start a new 'movie night' tradition with your friends, for example. Distractions are key. Allowing time to stand still while you reminisce only makes things worse—and increases your chance of returning to a relationship that didn't work.

From Your Tango: The 6 Guys To Break Up With

Limit your mourning: Not only does constantly talking about your ex annoy your friends, it keeps him or her in your present, where they don't belong. Limit your post break up conversations, and limit the time you allow yourself to cry and mourn your relationship. It's not always easy, but force yourself to get up and do something else.

From Your Tango: Why We Repeatedly Choose The Wrong Relationships [EXPERT]

Accept that you may lose friends: Chances are, you and your ex share mutual friends. Last year, a survey found that on average, we lose eight friends after a breakup. Sometimes that can make moving on even harder—all you want is your old life and routine back. So to help yourself move on, accept that, along with your ex, some mutual friends may be lost, too. Anyway, your true pals will stick by your side. Maybe try to meet some new friends as part of developing a new routine.

From Your Tango: How Sleeping Around Saved My Relationship

If you're struggling to end a toxic relationship, if you've broken up with your ex for the fifth time, if you're doing everything you can to not go back—join us in celebrating 'Break Up With Your Ex' Day.

Want more tips for moving on? Join YourTango's Facebook event. Have some tips to share? Tell us in the comments below.

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Photo: Break up with your ex day / Jamie Grill/JGI/Getty Images


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