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Woman's Marriage to 'Corporation' Ends

Why couldn't these two work it out?

By Kristin Wong Jul 19, 2012 2:59PM

Photo: © Alex Garland PhotographyAngela Marie Vogel tied the knot earlier this week, but only a day later, the county voided her nuptials. The problem? Her husband was an art installation.

Angela's husband-for-a-day was a statue from a downtown Seattle art installation. The marriage was a publicity stunt in protest of the Citizens United decision—the U.S. Supreme Court's recognition of corporations as people.

On Tuesday, Angela and about 40 others headed to the courthouse to convince the clerk to produce a marriage license for her beloved, whom they named "Corporate Person." It worked, and Angela had a ceremony staged by activist group Envision Seattle. The ceremony was even conducted by an actual pastor.

But Seattle's King County soon realized the error and nullified the marriage. A spokesperson for the county told Seattle's KPLU:

“There was a lot of confusion and (the clerk) was not able to get a hold of her direct supervisor nor the Department of Health, so just in the interest of just trying to resolve the situation she erroneously took the license application."
Envision Seattle seeks to put an end to corporate personhood, which allows corporations to make political contributions during elections. The staged marriage was intended to show the absurdity in giving corporations the same rights as people.

In the end, though, Angela's marriage to "Corporate Person" didn't fall through because he isn't a person. Apparently, he's underage:

“King County said that we couldn’t be married because ‘Corporate Person’ isn’t old enough to be married,” Angela joked.

Angela told KPLU she has no plans to restore her marriage to the art installation.

I guess they'll just have to settle for a long-term, committed relationship.

Photo: © Alex Garland Photography

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