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What should a 'Man-of-Honor' wear & do for the wedding?

Sometimes, a bridesmaid doesn't need a dress — because it's a brides-man! Are there different responsibilities or attire requirements for a brides-man or man-of-honor?

By Brides Mag Sep 24, 2013 7:32PM

My best guy friend will be my "maid-of-honor." What are his duties/what does he wear?

It's fine to have a close guy friend as part of your bridal party, and whether he is filling a "bridesmaid" role or even the "maid-of-honor" role, he is typically called an "honor attendant." (It's nice to check with your fiancé first, to be sure he's comfortable with this new tradition.)

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Adapt the usual list of female-attendant duties to any men in your bridal party. Their main roles will be to support you as you plan the wedding and help you on the day of the event. The one wedding-day duty a male attendant should sit out? Helping you get dressed!

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Funny as it was to envision Patrick Dempsey in a dress in the movie "Man of Honor," a male honor attendant wears the same attire as the groomsmen. The only difference might be that his tie match the colors of the bridesmaids' dresses or his boutonniere the bridesmaids' flowers, instead of the groomsmen. And no, he does not carry a bouquet!

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Sep 27, 2013 4:48PM

This is nothing new, lots of couples are having mixed bridal parties, men and women on both sides.  All are entitled "attendants".  For the Best Man or Maid of Honor they can be Honor attendants or Man of Honor and Best Woman however the couple decides.  The duties are the same whether they are male or female.  The attire is the same women wear bridesmaids dresses men wear suits or tuxes.  They can have different colors than the rest of the bridal party, all up to the bride.  Also bridal parties do not have to have even numbers and can be as few or as many as the couple chooses.  Other than etiquette rules, there are really very few rules to weddings, it's whatever the couple wants on their big day.

Sep 27, 2013 2:08AM
Buddy if you're going to be a maid of honor, you just be the best maid of honor that you can be...and no farting.
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