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Does porn make you cheat?

Researchers say don’t let your habit get out of hand.

By Mens Health Magazine Mar 22, 2013 4:48PM

Watching porn may increase your urge to fool around, according to a new study in "Social, Psychological and Personality Science."

Researchers found that the more a guy looked at smut, the more likely he was to stray from his partner. That fits in line with previous research that shows men who cheat are more than three times as likely to watch porn regularly.

Photo: Does porn make you more likely to cheat? / Nicolas Hansen/Getty ImagesWhat’s the kink link? Porn offers men access to no-strings-attached sex, often with multiple highly attractive partners, said study co-author A. Marlea Gwinn, of the University of Central Florida. And even though you recognize it’s all make-believe, those erotic images reinforce the idea that there are many willing and attractive alternatives to your current squeeze, Gwinn said.

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Dirty images also focus your mind on reproduction, and your instinct to reproduce values multiple sex partners over a loving, steady relationship, Gwinn adds.

Now, the science on porn is controversial and ever-evolving. (Check out our 2012 report, “Is Porn Harmful?” for the breakdown.)

But if you feel as though you’re spending more time on PornHub than usual, it’s time to cut back, said Rob Weiss, a certified sex addiction therapist and the director of sex and intimacy disorder services for Elements Behavioral Health.

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First, set a goal. Try to go two weeks without porn, Weiss recommends. Before you start, write down three reasons why you want to scale back, and tape these where you’ll see them often — like the back of your phone or by your computer.

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After the two weeks are up, set specific targets for your habit, whether that’s once a week or once a month, Weiss says. If you find yourself struggling to stay with it, he recommends computer tracking software from companies like Spytech ($70, spytech-web.com), which can block certain sites or even notify one of your buddies if you break down.

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Photo: Does porn make you more likely to cheat? / Nicolas Hansen/Getty Images


Mar 24, 2013 6:09PM
The reason a person cheats is because there is a distortion in the relationship with one's partner. The other significant is NOT interested anymore in the actual act, the looks of the aging/person, the unkempt, they do not find activities like dancing, music, movies, talking enough of a event to stimulate unity anymore? A partner who has lost interest in the one they love well usually watch some porn to boost sexual interests to engage in romance? Better used as a sexual aid like (alcohol, drugs, pot etc.), than have a martial affair and chance a broken arrangement? The act is both emotional, visual, physical once the sexual system is triggered.
Mar 24, 2013 5:48PM
Just go to youtube and search " Fruitcake Lady", and everything will become more clear. Click the top video. Lots of advice there for relationships that might help you out. On top of being very informative she's hilarious. Her good old fashioned common sense might go a long way.  
Mar 24, 2013 5:27PM
Porn lead to me cheating in my relationship, so this article is 100% true for me. Once I quit viewing porn, my perspective on relationships and dating completely changed.  
Mar 24, 2013 5:19PM
I am a man and I agree strongly with this article from personal experiences, clinical experience, and the experiences of many others in my life. While it is true pornography may not affect everyone the same, there is a large portion of men who viewing pornography will lead to cheating. 
Many on here are very defensive about this article for a reason. They don't want to lose being able to view porn in their relationship. They will fight like a caveman to protect this right. But that doesn't change the reality. Denial won't change the facts.  For the majority of men, porn will lead to cheating. We need to wake up as a society and accept this fact. 
Does that mean we outlaw or ban porn? No, those are separate issues, but we must recognize the effects of porn on men and our society in general. 
Mar 24, 2013 5:19PM

sex with more then one person is natural and should be done by everyone.

What a bunch of bull___!!! You can rationalize all most any viewpoint if you care to....this isn't scientific research, it's more like the "researchers" are a bunch of who are setting out to "grind an ax" so to speak.
Mar 24, 2013 5:10PM
Why do most of the commentors assume only men watch porn?
Why do most of the commentors assume married men watch porn without their partners?

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